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Monday, July 10, 2006

Tropical Wave Still There and Models Notice.

The wave is still there and looking better all the time. More and more models are playing with possibilities as it stays together and flirts with the islands.

There is a discussion as to if the circualation forming (notice we are now using circulation word)is middle level or near the surface.

Models have played with it. Rumor has it the Canadian develops it into a system in the Carib though I think it is more likely to lift. Maybe not.. watching.

Stay tuned. As for me.. I'm going to work.
Monday morning.
No time to be brillantly funnier or delve too deep into things.

There is a great article posted on on global warming that gives fairly both sides of the discussion. It is a discussion, it does need to be discussed and there has been NO consensus as everyone is still debating, collecting data and observing. Accurate and fair discussion (of this kind) is important vs hype and sound bites even though we do live in a world of sound bite mentality.

Good reading. Rarely have I seen an article written without prejudice and not trying to prove their view on the topic but a real examination of the voices being voiced today.

Okay............I got a little deep.

Here's funny. My thoughts.. not gained at the knee of Dr. Gray though he did stand besides me trying to get a cup of coffee once and yes he IS tall :)

"And, I'm wondering in the days of the bible I bet they blamed the Flood on Global Warming too!" BobbiStorm :) You heard it here first!


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