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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tropical Wave in the Atlantic Is Worth Watching

A wave in the middle of the Atlantic has a nice structure and has managed to stay together half way across the Ocean despite dry conditions and it being early in July. It's low position on the ITCZ has helped it stay alive and it has early signs of banding.

If that wave shows more color tomorrow it could be something to worry on in a few days as it approaches the islands.

Right now there is a huge amount of Saharan Dust in the atmosphere out there.
There is also a very strong high that it (and other waves) will ride under.
There is a pattern for the waves to lift in the same way the Upper Level Low is traveling.

That takes this wave (if it holds together) into the islands or NE part of the islands a couple of days from now.. more depending on speed. Several days away to worry on it but if it holds together and it could.. expect there to be model runs sometime tomorrow or tomorrow night.

IF it falls apart.. expect there to be more bickering over teeshirt designs and global warming on the web.

As for me..

Personally.. off the tropics..
It's been a nice Shabbos.

Moe and Deborah were here. Their fish committed suicide on Friday, a betta.. it leaped.

Bizarrely one of my two bettas leaped today.. gone, up and out of the little bowl and it wasn't filled to the top with water and the bowl has an indent making it a pretty talented suicide leaper if you ask me. I have never had a fish do that. I used to tease Stuart his jumped because he filled the water to the top like Moe and Deborah. I didn't. It just leaped. So wierd.

Wicked vibes if you ask me.

Nice meal last night. Nice meal for lunch.

I saw some old friends today who I haven't seen in a while and that was very nice. Very. I slept a lot. I read about 40 pages of Atlas Shrugged.

Tomorrow I am having a reunion of my friends from the old "Rabbi's Study Group" which was our name for the group who hung out together at the temple. The Youth Synagogue we made. A friend is in town with her husband and we are having a party at her brother's house on Palm Island to hang, talk, shmooze and eat brunch. I'm going to spend the day with my best friend from high school Leslie and the rest of the gang is going to be there. Very nice to see old friends. Very nice to hear from old friends.

Nice, nice, nice..

So..if I disapeer that's where you will find me.. if you pass by on a sailboat..wave.

But.. if not.. and more important then Big Chill Style Family Reunions..

Watch the Wave..

Great song.. one of your all time favorites "every move you make, every step you take, I'll be watching the wave" oopsie.. my lyrics, not yours.

every loop you loop, every sat you click .....ill be watching too..

I came back on at this hour to write a short post as I am not sure how much time I will have tomorrow to post and promised someone I would yell if I saw something.

I am yelling.


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