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Sunday, July 09, 2006

National Hurricane Center Mentions My Wave at 5pm

To everything there is a season unto heaven...

Today was that kind of day when you reach out across the miles and stop time if for only a minute or a few hours and remember people who were and still are important in your lives. In my life.. Reunion Sunday it should be called.

As for the wave... the NHC mentioned it and it still exists and it is still moving slowly this way. It is much more subtle that your average run of the mill Stephen King scary mystery.. it has no music from the movie JAWS.. just a signature that spells trouble of the tropical kind. We will see... what we will see but for now we are all watching as it distantly slides its ways west and west-north-west this way.

My tropical wave is still twisting it's way west along the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone..possibly coming to a city somewhere near here later this week. Maybe.. could happen, might happen.. and if it does develop, development will be slow to occur.

Says the NHC at the 5pm. Text of their discussion at the bottom of this post.
Link to Naval Invest ----->

Let's see what they say at 11pm. They can be a difficult group to impress and even catching their attention isn't that easy for a tropical wave in July to do but this one did.
Notice the blob closer to America.. that is an upper level low (supposedly) interacting with an old wave. Do not pay that attention (why I don't know) but scroll to the east and down low and you will see my wave dead on 10 around 41 chug, chugging along.

Some personal comments today from my thoughts on reunions with old friends and...........the link to the Naval site that has our little wave (and possibly the B storm) on "invest" meaning.. the Navy at least is investigating it :) Well.. loosely what it means.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

The reunion brunch was nice and went on most the day. I sat and watched my friends talk and enjoyed realizing how no one has changed and despite life going on, moving on... it stays the same. A reassurance in ways, both good and bad of how much things change they stay the same.

Nice day, nice food, nice friends... everyone brought cherries. We snacked on cherries all day while talking with an endless supply of Entemann's cakes. Beautiful view of cruise ships passing by outside. Morry and I laughed remembering that summer (or winter) back in 75 or 76 when he was dating "that girl" and we both talked on Richard and life. Richard was in some ways the one missing person in the group. He lives up north.

It was fun, but I lost a good part of my Sunday and it's hard to replace a Sunday.

It's hard to replace time, find it, use it wisely and find it again.

You have to force yourself to stop and enjoy yourself, to take the time to enjoy time before it passes you by. Sometimes you get the chance, other times you don't.

Lately I have noticed a trend in my patterns changing. If I have the urge to reach out, take a chance, grab for a gold ring or just send an email I will try. As I said twice this week in very different situations "glad I didn't chicken out" and... on that level Robin didn't chicken out. She said that every time they come in they mean to call and get together and didn't and she knew if she didn't and arrange it in advance the opportunity would be gone.


As for the hasn't gone poof yet and...... it ain't going poof that soon. Maybe it will even develop.

The NHC gave it doubtful chances to develop in the 5PM. Their doubtful chances is a big deal as when they even bother with the "development, if any, will be slow to occur" line it means it has a shot, it has a chance... which is more than anyone thought last night at this time.

It has an Invest on the Navy site and it still has structure and color and is moving as an entity westbound...

So... along with the news that Italy won the World Cup and Jeff Gordon won today's race and life going on... along with my brother and his wife having their 17th wedding anniversary and the Ron Mon having his birthday today (said with a jamaican accent) and... along with old friends not forgotten..

Don't forget it's July in the tropics and the water is hot, hot, hot and there are waves riding westward bound on satellite imagery.

It may be early but development.. if any...will be slow to OCCUR and you may read that sentence however you like but I'd worry.

Could the tropics disappoint my brother Jay who will be here on Tuesday?

Can my blue roof stay together... oh help...

Smile and enjoy the new work week..

You know that song.. you got have heart, all you really need is heart... I don't know why but it's stuck in my head. I think we learned the words in Jr. High :)

Ps.. Yaffah I am so sorry I missed your call today. But, as you said so long ago "life is just a chair of bowlies" (you didn't think I forgot, did you?)



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