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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pre-Season Discussion

It's that time of year when a lingering front appears and sits lingering in the beautiful, blue of the Caribbean. And, it makes you wonder if development can be far behind.

Tropical people everywhere are looking at that site this morning and thinking, "hmmmmmm" and checking the models to see if any show signs of development in a few days down the line.

As Dr. Gray said, being paraphrased here a bit... "either you are a tropical weather person or you aint'"

And, trust me tropical people everywhere are looking at their sites today and going "hmmmm"

I mean there are two ways you can look at that image.

"Well, we are still having cold fronts in May"


"Whenever there is a lingering front in the tropics in late May you have a chance for tropical development out of it"

Trust me, people in tropical places be they in their beautiful office with the big glass window looking out over Biscayne Bay or in their concrete bunker at FIU are looking at their computer window trying to remember what year that was that................ and some guy somewhere is in a meeting sneaking a peak at his blackberry wondering the same thing..

Analog year.... give me a good analog year.

So... either you are a tropical weather person or you ain't..

And, many people I know are staring at that site today, checking around the boards, sending a few weather links to a few friends on line somewhere.

Those who are thinking Canes and not Cannes anyway..

Happy today to someone special and I have to get out of here. Have to go to work. Have to make a to do list and ... have to do the things on it. And..............I'll let others come up with their analog year for when the last time we had such strong cold fronts in late May that lingered in the Caribbean.


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