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Friday, April 28, 2006

Easy Shabbos, Noisy Bird

Ever have a bird that doesn't shut up? Nonstop, does not shut up. Every morning, half of the night, on and on it sings. It's not just a Spring thing. It sang through half of the winter easily. It's been a while. Maybe it moved here after the Hurricane.. maybe it's Pine Tree perch was smashed to smithereens and it flew to my block.

I hate it.

I'm not ready to wake up and this is not a friggin bird sanctuary.

This is not a parrot or a seagull. It's a Bird. Incessantly singing.

Not a baby in a nest. Just a big black bird, ordinary, sort of bird.

Anyway... I am going to take a shower, get dressed, daven, run to Walmart, then to work at the library away from the incessant noise of that bird singing its squawking song.

I'm making what we refer to as an "easy shabbos" and having something fast, simple and much loved round here "sweet and sour meatballs and yellow rice" Jar fish, Israeli Salads. Whatever I think of between here and Walmart and maybe later stop in at the Kosher Market. If I get some inspiration flowing I'll make something else but after Passover, a week of big meals... my kids want easy and simple. Traditional, regular, old fashioned easy Shabbos.

And, I have a ton of things to read that have piled up over the holiday and with the guests and all the things my mind has had to deal with of late.

so.. that's it.

My Good Shabbos post and kvetch on the noisy bird.

Taking a tagamet, my tummy is funny.
Making coffee, after the tagamet, going out into the harsh bright light of the day.

Luckily a cold front went by and lowered our temperatures down above five degrees.. maybe six or seven. Makes it much more bearable.

Sat outside last night after some neighborhood commotion and talked with the kids, stared up at the stars and felt the breeze. It was nice. A nice respite or maybe a gift before the onslaught of the umbearable summer heat.

I may fly north for the summer.. winter and fall.

The bird stopped singing. Oh my goodness. Quiet descends upon 11th court.

Wow, that's awesome.

See how things can change in an instant.
Leaving fast and enjoying my shower before it comes back... maybe a truck from the horrible house under construction across the street scared it away, at least temporarily.


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