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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hello From Orlando

The cable channel here in my hotel will rent me porn but doesn't have MTV. It does have The History Channel.

It's nice to know that there are a lot of old people in downtown Orlando jacking off to porn after watching stories about the Napoleanic invasion of Europe... and watching info commercials about how you can buy land really, really cheap in cheap they fly you in... for less money probably then they are spending to rent porn videos.

But, they don't have MTV or even Country Music Videos and I can't watch Matis or Willie or even Jimmy... and the coffee tastes like "essence of coffee" not real coffee.

Need to find a starbucks.

Otherwise..nice room, nice place.. fun to get out of South Florida even for a day or so and nice to be away with my brother by ourselves... nothing like sybling vacations.

Nice road trip...

Not interested in renting porn... wanted to watch some MTV so it was the infomercial vs news... (do I really need to hear about dead chickens and turkeys... have a direct news link to the source with much better updates) vs the History Channel.

So.............. that is definitely one thing I could complain about in the little brochure that asks you to tell me what I think of their nice luxury hotel..

Nice fast access tho and well.......took a hot, hot, steamy bath...

And............ would like to do a road trip in the Azores personally but well...

That's a dream for now :)

Have a great day from Downtown Orlando and... yes I really did write that :)


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