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Monday, March 20, 2006

Cyclone Larry and Something to Think On...

Somehow this goes perfect with all the stories on Cyclone Larry...

Instead of saying where in Austraila it hit... all the headlines look like something out of a trashy newsheet... Austraila HIT by CAT FIVE!

Do people know its not one bit state like Texas? I wonder does anyone in America know anything about Austraila besides to say with a twang "put another shrimp on the barbie" lol..

There's a visual for you ;)

Anyway.... good article on the problem with global econoics below. Sent it to a friend and decided to post it here as well.

Taking a holiday today... hoping to remember what Florida looks like north of the Lake.. You look at a map and figure out what lake..

I like the way it tries to put positive "spin" on all possible scenarios of disaster.

Truth is... the average person can't really comprehend what this article is talking about...

We have become pretty dumb as countries go and lost sight of the basic lesson in global economics... export more than you import.

I was a geography/history nut when I was little.. anything with a map, people dressed in funny clothes and a landscape different from Miami amazed me.. drew me in, sucked me up... took me away.

First basic lesson in the way things are supposed to go... if you are importing more than you are exporting.. someone else is making all the money and you are reliant on someone else for your security. the every day hustle and bustle of life... paying the electric bill, the car payment, house payment, sushi bar bill and cost of no longer drinking water that comes out of their faucet like their ancestors did the Average American is broke... tired and not interested in "politics" and so...they let other people decide everything for them...

People like Cheney ... people who scare them and regale them with stories of foreigners coming to attack America... like Bush...

We have been attacked... indeed... but by economics and not paying attention to the world around us...and not realizing that the foreigners are here. They own our businesses, our ports, our stores... and all those fancy homes that are being built that no one can afford and everyone wonders "who is buying them at those prices?"

Foreigners... who never forgot to study basic things like Geography and History.

Something to Think On... Bobbi


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