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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Beautiful Sunday...

So beautiful...

Gray, cool, a bit damp.. breezy... reminds me of when I was living in Southern California in Long Beach.

Just the type of night to take a nice ride over to Ports of Call and wander around buying coffee, eating cotton candy.... watching the sea gulls and feeling the breeze.

Talked to my son in Jerusalem today... was so good to hear his voice. Looked at some pics online and listening to Matisyahu's Youth CD... great CD... especially his song "Jerusalem" which should become a classic in certain crowds... my 11 year old loves it... so do I...

Going to take a small vacation for the next few days... not going too far but going out of town for a day with my brother.. baby brother but well.. these days he thinks he is the big brother.

Tomorrow Spring arrives... bursts in... Happy Spring... whatever spring means to you..

Used to mean Proms to me... used to mean a song from Camelot... used to mean anniversaries... sigh... used to mean... well it still does... May... got to get through March and April first..

Enjoying the beautiful sunday night...

Hope where ever you are and who ever you say you are... you are too...

welcome to the desert of my soul... you can stay if you want...there's room for one more


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