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Monday, October 24, 2005

Power flickering in North Miami Beach as Wilma moves in..

Winds are picking up and power beginning to flicker so want to post now while I can...

Beautiful storm out there.. big... and moving in strong.

Lots of wind here but not a lot of rain.

Wind event.

Watching Norcross off and on in the middle of the night.

Mother woke up and dog began barking wanting to go out. I could hear my daughter on IM with someone. Those cute water fountains that are real New Age and make noise get old fast around here. Someone text messaged me at 3 to tell me it was 120.

Life in the middle of Hurricane Country.

Watching Key West...wondering where Wilma will make landfall and think we just lost power.

On back up here it seems.

If the kids are reading this.. we are fine. But, when Roberta wakes up and sees me typing here we won't be :)

Love you all.. hang in there.. Wilma is one for the record books


have to go find my walkman TV, flashlight and weather radio and think someone is text messaging me on my cellphone

will post again when I have power...hope someone prayed real hard at the grotto!


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