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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Some Links .. Use them.. Don't lose them. Great links.

Great sites to look at.. links and learn from regarding the whole Camille/Katrina comparison and story.

First off... Please sign up for the videos that are archived on Jim Williams works his heart out on that site and posts information that can be used to learn and study hurricanes. Unlike many sites online and people who run them who hype themselves as they cover storms... Jim hypes hurricanes and does so that people like him who want to learn more can learn details that will save their lives. His whole site is set up to educate and you will learn more than you can imagine. The message board is just for us to post information on and he puts up with a lot of our nonsense. His main page is where it is at.

The Hurricane Conference this year was in NEW ORLEANS. While on his way he made a video at landfall of Camille. Interviewed people. It is a great video.. great interview. You will forget everything else and get lost in time watching it.. Now is a good time to support a man who has been there for so many and to learn what really happened in Camille. And, see how it looks to stand there and stare across the water at the Gulf of Mexico.

How ironic that they had the big hurricane conference for 2005 in the city about to possibly witness the Cat Five of the Year.. so far.

Is that like being on the cover of Sports Illustrated? The famous curse?
from the site: Before heading to New Orleans, I stopped in Pass Christian, Mississippi. In 1969, Hurricane Camille came ashore here causing a massive storm surge & killed many. In this video you can see how high the surge was & what the area looks like now.Watch it here Watch it here
Some good things to read and look through..

should show Camille's path with Katrina's path.
note I think Katrina will make a shaper turn too.. similar times of year
something to think on.. a good storm to compare to sadly
imcredible imagery.. big pictures. warning.. very scarey especially if you live anywhere near the hurricane coast
official shot.. this is like her Senior Picture.. the one for the books.
Have this shot on an old computer as wallpaper. Am blown away every time I turn that computer on. For lots of reasons but .. the official posed picture of Camille.


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