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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Morning After... Emily Watch Day 1

Everyone's cracking early in the message boards on some sort of Post Dennis Hangover and Hyper Warp Watch for Emily... playing around in disguise as TD5.

What no one out there realizes in the real world is that this year is to trackers like hitting the mother lode. Tropical Weather Junkies of all kinds.. trackers, chasers and professionals are seizing the moment and are at the top of their game. It's like every day is what March Madness is to basketball fanatics.

So many things to watch. New loops to loop. Models vying with eachother for who can do the best job.

Sort of like the old movie, "If this is Tuesday it must be Belgium" or in this realm, "It must be Emily."

Drudge is cooking.. all those weather links to play with and the absurd pictures he finds.

Hot, hot and hotter is the ocean.

TD5 is swirling, spinning... tracking west taking her shot at infamy.

CNN was smart enough to go for the gold and become Hurricane HQ, nonstop, round the clock nothing but hurricanes all day Sunday. TWC had "ON the Eights" and other non-important weather segments while people who didn't know CNN was live were wondering what was going on with Dennis. They really should be called "The Advertising Network" with the stylized On Air Monitors who look a lot like old fashioned Stewardesses... "would you like coffee, tea or nuts with your radar loop?"

Am I tired? Yeah.. a bit.
Hyper? Yes a lot.

Ready to do it all over tomorrow....

It's what we live for with regard to hobbies.. a passion.

I have a life offline, one that I really rarely talk about. Friends, kids, co-workers, library regulars.. other interests. A social life.

But... when the tropics boil up and storms start rolling you know where you can find me. Online with friends, old friends.. good friends.. friends with multiple names and multiple personalities.

How many Hurricane Days did Dr. Gray predict?
Imaging the August 1st update will update that prediction.

Waiting for Emily... will she come in higher than Dennis and aim for the SE coast?

What about Franklin? Will Emily keep Franklin a tad lower making him more the storm to watch?

Will Cantore get a weekend off? Hmmmm maybe, not often.

Lastly..know one thing.

The East Coast and Florida are WIDE OPEN for attack from Cape Verde storms this year as they are forming early enough to be propelled west by the Bermuda High and there are no fronts racing down to recurve the bigger, better storms out to sea.. like usually happens in September. Different dynamics apply and climo is flown out the window so hang onto your hats and dance a different jig this year and be ready to fly by the seat of your pants because nothing is as it should be.. not this July.


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