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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Miami is Hurricane Land..

Miami is Hurricane Country. We live here expecting to possibly get hit by hurricanes in the late summer and early fall. It is in fact one of the only real weather seasons we get.

Summer begins to wane though temperatures stay up around the high 80s. As the school supplies get bought up grocers and discount department stores begin stocking shelves near the door with batteries, water, flashlights, disposable grills. Publix has started putting checkboards and chess sets there as well to remind people they may want to teach the children how to play something non-electrical when the electricity goes out and the batteries are depleted for the game boys. Don't worry...they will haul them out again for last minute Christmas presents again in December.

People wander through the market trying to look nonchalant as they grab three or four of the Channel 4 Hurricane Tracking Maps with Bryan Norcross smiling steadily on the cover. They confidently walk past the water stacked high in easy to hold Hurricane six gallons to the box containers and sneak back with a worried look...look around to make sure no one sees that they are half way to panic attack and slide the box with six neat gallons of Publix Spring water onto the bottom of the cart as casually as if it was a 40 pound bag of dry dog food.

Just another day in paradise in the summer of 2004.

Our football teams are named after the Hurricanes. Our roller coaters are built and named after Hurricanes.

We are indeed living in Hurricane land down here in Miami.

And, we are ready for the big blow or Jeanne which ever comes first.

My kitchen is so packed with food and water we could get trapped inside for a month and we'd probably gain weight.

I have produce for the Jewish Holidays starting tonight at sundown. Enough produce to make Black Cherry Chicken, Maple Honey Turkey, Cajun style sweet meatballs and enough vegetables to make any vegetarian happy they came to the table. We have enough canned food to weather the storm if it comes early on Rosh Hashonna. Doubtful but hey we southern jews like to be prepared in the tropics for anything that might happen. I even have diet cherry coke and fiji water.

Maybe I'll figure out a new recipe. Hurricane Honey Loaf???

We are ready.

We are waiting.

We wait every year not just this year.

We are still boarded up from Frances. No one is going through "THAT" again.. we are leaving them up til Christmas and Chanukah whichever comes first.

We are in full hurricane season mode of September Remember.
A motto that means much this particular year in Florida.

Our special prayer this year?

Please, please let it be a small little fun Cat 1 that isn't strong enough to blow around all the debris still left behind by Frances. Don't let us lose power. If you have to take something..take the cable, we can do without The Weather Channel but not without Bryan Norcross and Bill Kamal. Don't let there be too much flooding. Wait until after the holidays and the Sabbath. Sunday works well .. just don't let it mess up the Dolphin game. Let the Hurricanes continue to win on the field and may they beat the Gators so that Miami can continue its reign in tropical football land. Let us go back to work on Monday and let the clean up not be too hard. Thank you for not letting us have to deal with Ivan. Help those who do recover soon. And, when they need to get away and have some extra money may they take their vacation down on South Beach. May all the rednecks who usually go to down Panana Beach know that when winter cometh we are still here in Miami. Of course unless Jeanne or the next storm gets a little stronger in which case. We bounce back fast. We are used to hurricanes. Otherwise our local football team would be called "The Blizzards".

Happy and Healthy New Year to all my friends.

Be careful with whatever weather catastrophe that is unleashed upon you where ever you live.

May you always be blessed with the weather you love the most!

as for songs.. Canes are Dynamite works for me. Will have to do a google search on that one and edit it in later.


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