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Friday, September 10, 2004

Watching Coverage of Ivan and how much I hate Wimbledom

I'm sorry. I am sure for tennis fans everywhere it is a big story. But at NOON in Miami with a Hurricane heading this way we want Bryan Norcross not Wimbledom. Put the tennis match in the bottom on a small screen and put Bryan on for an update. It was not pretty where I work today in the lunchroom.

Okay.. hoping Jamaica gets spared the devastation that has descended upon Grenada.

So many deaths from Ivan already. You have to "feel" that storms have their own personality and Ivan is not "kind" he is ugly and mean and deceptively beautiful on satellite imagery but a Killer Hurricane already.

I'd like to believe that he will make it to 82 but I fear he won't and he will surprise many with a hit on Florida a bit right of track. Maybe I'd rather see the Everglades rebuild naturally than watch people lose everything they have on either side of the state.

Watch the trends.. watch the consistent models.

I'll be back later.

Heard that there isn't a C or D battery to be found around town here since Frances. Told someone to go to the local mom and pop dollar stores and see if they have.. spread the money around. Publix still doesn't have eggs though their canned food was somewhat resupplied. By me we have the cans.. they ate like 2 cans of corn that is it. Just have to go to my local kosher market where crowds are less and buy cookies and crackers and a few other things.

Wish the city here would worry on all the trees down and debris and get it up off the streets.
Have heard they "can't" because garbage trucks are busy.. on order ... waiting for asplungh to fix trees near cable and FPL lines. So they are cutting more dead branches down littering the streets with them making for more flying debris IF we get this storm.

And... I want to be in Key West. I know sort of silly but I love Key West like you love a lover and would rather be there than here watching it blow away from LaConcha Cam live on TV.

And...have to take stock. Look around and see what may need to be done.. AGAIN.

People are punchy... silly... tired and exhausted from looking at TV screens with hurricanes swirling around on them.

My cousin sent me a picture of a model track with Ivan veering north and drawing a big F U hand sign in the Bahamas before slamming into the Tri-County area again. Knew it would be something like that..people at work loved it. Hurricane Humor.

So... that's it from Miami.. waiting to see if he takes the left or takes the right or can't make up his mind and shoots straight up the middle. is doing a great job of explaining models updates faster than anyone..not sure how is easy to use gets better and better
and as always
Jim at is the best.. a real real person, as real as they get.

check out Snonut's reports on and if you have the ability send them a small donation. Nice having a site that doesn't bog you down with commercials nor charge you a fee to log on.

going back to work
back to the computers
back to being asked 10 times a minute "so are we getting the storm" :)


At 3:28 PM, Blogger alena said...

Cool Blog, I never really thought about it that way.

I have a Hurricane Katrina blog. It pretty much covers hurricane related stuff.

Thank you - and keep up the thoughts!


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