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Monday, September 20, 2004

Fast and Quick

In a mood yesterday and today. Good mood, uneasy mood, playful mood.. wanting mood.

Stood in a dust devil today at lunch. Leaves swirled around me and it felt magical.
Do you think I was energized by it? Hmmm ..don't know.

Read notes on chart for this season. Moon in Scorpio. Intense. Says completes in October.
Oh really?

Watching Ivan's bits and pieces move sw across Florida on the radar today.
Some say yes.. some say no.. just watching.

Jeanne spinning like a tropical storm caught in a dust devil.

Read a beautiful passage on Key West written by Ralph Monroe.

Will post again.

Watched 3 football games yesterday. THREE.. from 1pm til after the Dolphin Debacle I was in a trance.

Sox lost :(

How can I take Bastardi seriously when he has Morry's birthday (same year) and was born on went near Providence Rhode Island. Brrrrr... ewwww... issues there.

Watching, writing later... love Vinnie Testerverde.. would love for him to have one good year. Great shape for us older kids huh? Either way... don't want to see him go down like Dan Fouts who I loved but had a losing team despite being good.

Read about guy on special teams for UM.. can we sign him NOW for Fins.. PLEASE!

Want JJ back! Yes Jay..I do :P

love you all
me, whoever I am today


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