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Friday, August 03, 2007

Quiet in the tropics. Hoping for a Quiet Shabbos

Nothing to speak of in the tropics. As Steve Lyons says "great sailing weather in the Caribbean. So.. for your viewing pleasure I present a youtube of some randomly happy couple enjoying time together in the Caribbean. be young, to be in love, to be together.

Carib wave is playing peek a boo with us convection wise and I am not going to play along. Going to wait to see if that wave over Africa forms into anything or not. Wave watchers say it's a wave to watch but its alas still over Africa.

Older kids went out and bought some wine, salads and extra challah from Saras Tent.

Nice week, wierd day, always something going on that needs to be thought on but for now... going to relax, tune it out and enjoy the weekend.

Enjoy the video. Who knew they would ever be on my hurricane blog. numbers came out. They lowered the numbers for storms this season.
Duh... Who would have guessed that one :)

Good Shabbos, Happy Sailin'


At 8:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woah, glad to see you include our video in your blog!

I hope you enjoyed it :)

Very informative blog you have here!


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