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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Baltimore Bridge Collapse - Weather NOT a Factor


This is Francis Scott Key Bridge in better days.
Below is a pic from Thor News...
... friends think alike and yes OMG

1:35 AM

From video......

Weather in Balitmore NOT a factor!

Drudge site has been so political the last several months, if you wondered what would knock that subject off the main page.......a huge bridge in Baltimore on I-695 collapses into the river shutting down one of the main links for traffic in the Baltimore area. As professionals try to figure out how a huge container ship crashed into one of the two main supporting beams over the water rather than steer under the middle of the bridge where a container ship would normally be ........well that's the question.  This is the first bridge collapse of this size since the Tampa Skyway bridge collapsed in May 1980. That's a long time. And, weather was NOT a factor in any way today, earlier this morning.

Contractors were working on the bridge in Baltimore according to a current press conference, routine maintenance.. That's of interest. But, how does a ship of that size that has to carefully navigate a river be that off course? Power outage on ship? Two pilots on board and the ship just left Balitmore so fatigue of pilots not a factor. 

I'm sure there will be tons of conspiracies but this is really just about the facts. A good source of info in real time LIVE is Agenda Free TV. 

Not much to say about the Weather today as my mind is temporarily blown. And ironically I have a Zoom class at 8 AM every morning with friends in Baltimore. Tomorrow will be a huge weather day in the Carolinas, I'll write about that later today. Primary topic in my head currently is how does such a terrible, horrific accident happen. In Miami, a beautiful tropical city, we have a narrow river that snakes it's way inland and huge container ships go up and down the narrow, winding river every day ...ships so large they look like a small city and we have never had any accidents such as this ........but I know how big they are, how carefully and slowly they move.... 

Mike from Spaghetti Models aka Mike's Weather Page speaks often of the Tampa Bay Skyway Bridge that collapsed in May of 1980 and he speaks with reverence and a heavy memory. Those of you who have followed him over the years know what a huge event it was in his life and memory. So I immediately thought of that bridge collapse and yet I know that was weather related as there was heavy fog and odd random windy squalls.  Weather in Baltimore was fine. I've linked a video to the Tampa Bay Skyway Bridge Collapse. 

As to the beautiful Francis Scott Key Bridge that just collapsed it was opened April 23, 1977 about 50 years ago. It's a strong, beautiful bridge I've driven across often though not as often as my daughter who lived in Philadelphia or my son who lived in Virginia and spent much time in Baltimore. Bridges don't just fall, there is a reason and what that reason is we will find out.

Reminds me of the old song London Bridge that came tumbling down that we sang as children. Check out the dark meaning behind that song for many. Odd news today after P Diddy was the big news in Miami last night. I fell asleep listening to YouTube, some music to relax by and I woke up this morning and when I grabbed my phone it went to YouTube that was weirdly all about a bridge collapse that I thought must have happened in history. Mind blowing really. Thanks for reading along as I try and process this before I have had my coffee and I'm going to make some as soon as I hit send on this blog.

i’ll update later after coffee and discuss wild weather expected tomorrow especially in the Carolinas …

I put this video up of the last huge bridge collapse in 1980.
This is the story behind the story Mike talks on often.
I can't imagine how blown his mind is currently.

to be continued…
evolving horrific story 


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