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Monday, December 04, 2023

Strong Cold Front to Create Wicked Weather Coming This Weekend to the South/East Coast. Hurricane Season Done. Winter Clouds. El Nino.


 LAST regularly scheduled tropical weather outlook!
As always they will do a "Special" update...
If needed........

Our attention turns to cold fronts.
This weekend we're expecting a wild one.
All depends on orientation.
How fast it is moving.
How strong is the clash with hot air.
How deep does it go?
Does it do odd strange things?

This is from Mike.
Yes, I'm listening on low in the background.
Listening to Mike talk always relaxes me ;)
This is Sunday AM below...
...but Sunday afternoon it should be wild.
I'll be on the road ...soooo... we will see.
Got a concert to go to in Charlotte!
Be a bit of a Storm Chasing present.

That's a weather convention for Sunday.
Lots of clashes in the atmosphere!!

So not much more I can or will say about the 2023 Hurricane Season. Maybe it will look more interesting in the rear view mirror.  As for the Winter of 2023/2024 it's worth remembering it's an El Nino year even if for some odd reason it's not popular or politically correct to talk about El Nino. It happens. It's here. Each one is different. It doesn't have to be the "Mother of All El Ninos" as 1997 was referred to for it to create changes in the weather environment.  Again, no Hurricanes or Tropical Storms formed in the SW Caribbean, they formed to the North by the Yucatan or ran out of steam (strong headwinds, unfavorable) or cruised into the very welcoming, EPAC and got names. 

Nuff Said.

So let's talk about Clouds.
Clouds ... El Nino...and Winter.

Reed mentions here the impact of El Nino on clouds.
Loved this post!
El Nino and Winter = beautiful sunsets.
I'll add in Florida you get awsome sunrises.
It's my favorite time to watch the sunset there.
And often you see it driving home from work...
...because time change makes early sunsets.

My brother lives near "the canal" in NMB.
North Miami Beach not N Myrtle Beach ;)
He walks the dog.
He takes incredible photos.
Have taken so many sunrise pics there.
The palms reflect in the water beautifully.
The air is cool again in the morning.
Okay not cool but doable.
Summer mornings in Miami are hell.
But oh the Sunsets in the Winter.
Add in El Nino... 
Tropical perfection cloud wise!

Mike went storm chasing yesterday.
Love these low clouds down to the water. above.
Used to chase with my brother in the Keys often.
Nothing like a Florida Keys Squall Line.
A photo of mine below.

I took this in 2013
Florida Keys.
We chased a line that produced waterspouts.
Crazy Thunderstorm!!!
One small tornado in a small marina...
A waterspount but one that made it onto land.

But the sharpness between the dark and the light.
The Squall Line.
The water slate gray.
Air moving fast.
Line racing.
Point and shoot fast.

Wild storm when it hit land.
But this to me is FL Keys Stormy Clouds.
Clouds in the Keys are incredible.
Tall thunderheads building out over the water.

Yes I miss it.
But I get Winter Weather in the Carolinas.
And plenty of tropical systems in NC

Have a wonderful day.

In a good mood.

I'll update on the Weekend Storm
When we have a better idea of facts.
Facts vs modeling speculation.

Stay tuned.

@bobbistorm on Twitter

Here's a video.
I owe y'all a song another day.

You get the idea ;)


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