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Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Tropics Quiet Today..............and Tomorrow. Anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan 10 Years Ago 6,352 Dead. 196 MPH.


Nothing to see here.
Nothing expected to develop.
Tropics on pause.
Actually not much "weather" going on.
That'll change so enjoy it!


Worth showing this post above.
10 years ago Haiyan, deadly perfection.

In truth other than Maria in recent history...
...not sure I can imagine a deadlier storm.
3,059 directly from Maria.

So give thanks we had a busy year...
...filled with mostly weak statistics in the tropics.

If you follow @iCylone and you should.......
.... he's posting about it.
10 years later.

Mindblowing really........

Safe tropical dreams,

1st video that came up.
Stronger than Katrina and Sandy together!!


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