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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Update NHC PTC22 - Watches and Warnings UP. Thoughts on No Name Storm in MIAMI .... Thoughts on Life in November and Fall and Leaves Falling .... and Thanksgiving Where Exactly???

Earthnull appearance below.


Has a look.
Last good visible look of the day.

Yellow shows watches!

NHC forecast keeps it a TS
That would be TS Vince
 I knew a Vince once.......
...he was tricky.

So keep watching.
Meanwhile the clean up in Miami goes on.
From the No November Storm!


First off this is the "non tropical low" as per NHC
And the Low as per NWS 

Over 120,000 homes are without power.
Trees down, street flooding far inland.
Coastal erosion and damages.
Some schools closed.

It had quite the appearance on radar.
Moved up from the Keys that had 65 MPH winds
Bordeline Hurricane force winds in SFL

Officially a No Name Storm.

Cover of Miami Herald.

There's always a "nothing to see here" mind set when it comes to Miami and giving out warnings as we don't want to scare off the tourists. Miami Beach Basel Art Show is coming, I know as my son asked if I wanted to come in for it... if I am going to FL in December vs staying in NC praying for snow. I didn't go down for this storm that I knew would be noticeable as I might go for Thanksgiving (maybe) and well you gotta pick your parties in my family. Knew they'd get something out of this moisture surge, but even I didn't expect the level of winds some places saw vs deluge of tropical moisture surge. Models were way back right that it formed, but not to the intensity level the models (GFS mostly) showed. And, to be fair it's Miami and the rain can be intense, though this was related to a tropical sort of low forming in real time (regardless of what the NHC says) and not a front moving through with straight line winds and not the Monsoons which is out of season. This was historical rainfall in some areas and my brother had to get home to Hialeah in what sure looked like a hurricane, especially from the platform on Metrorail. 

Old time Miami ppl know this is how it goes. Hey, no name and no bad press for the coming Winter Tourist Events. Art Basel Miami Beach is happening in a few weeks on Miami Beach, we wouldn't want people to cancel plans to fly in would we?? That logic. So if you're new to Miami wait for your power to get turned back on, get the roof fixed (my brother's roof leaked, tiles blown off most likely by a lightning strike the roofer said.....the roofer said ??? and my kid's friend's car that was submerged in mud after the Pink Concert will have to get it fixed. There tree people will make money cleaning up the mess of ficus and banyan tree branches down everywhere and the city will eventually clean out the gutters and drains so it won't flood next time it rains.

As for me... waiting for my maple tree to lose it's colorful, incredible leaves before I make a quick trip to Miami with a stop hopefully in Savannah. Last trip to Savannah in the dead of summer heat I found the grave of my grandmother's cousin who descended from the original settlers of cool is that?  

Speaking of "cool" I love the cool weather and the dream of'll be a fast trip. I really need/want to go to New York to visit a daughter who lives up there and there's a son in Denver so if Raleigh. But currently loving life in the Carolinas so I'll ifgure it out later.

I had a horrible mini migraine yesterday and I'm recuperating today. The artists daughter in NY gets real migraines :( luckily this went away with a half of a Tylenol 3 which I only use for emergencies.

Been a stressful month for me. Been stressful for a lot of people. There's a girl in Israel from Miami Beach he calls me her second mother, we are distantly related so yeah bit worried on her... her who was best friends with several of my kids, neighbors... realated to my close friend and neighbor 3 doors for 11 years who died in the Champlain Towers collapse where I used to work in the office way way way back. 

I know I sound like I'm obsessing but I'm not, I'm kind of connecting dots to where things went wonky. 

Was it the Plague?

Champlain Towers :(  so no real answer to what happened, just supposition and stabs at how a building built to withstand Cat 5 Hurricane built like Fort Knox came down the way it did.

I don't know. 
Taking a break.... enjoy the day, enjoy the small beauty around you and give thanks for all the small beautiful things you have in your life even if a lot is crappy there is usually something beautiful. Yesterday i went to a funeral for a friend of my husband, an older guy who was ill and his wife of over 50 years died 11 months ago........and I sat by the grave of a friend of ours/mine who I adored, loved... respected. An incredibly graceful, older woman who taught art way past retirement who loved her husband and her daughter Scarlett (did I mention she's Southern too lol) and I have dining room chairs from her that I love as well as recipes and a little plastic spice box she kept spices in labeled "Jerusalem Spices" an Israeli gave her to use... and when I'm in a mood I open up the box and smile and think of Ella who always saw the good in people.

Much Love
in a mood today but not a bad mood... just going with the flow and looking at the calendar realistically for the next few weeks to figure out when might be the best time to touch home base and see some of the kids and my best friend Malka. One of my favorite pics... me looking at her thinking how awesome she is :)

Enjoy the song... great song!


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