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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

SW CARIB System ... GOM System........Does It Get a Name? 70% in 7 Days 20% in 2 Days.

70% in the 7 day, 20% in the 2 day.
No Invest as of five minutes ago.

Wide area, lots of uncertainty 

Big purple splotch in the GOM

On Zoom Earth you can see it's one big mess.
2 areas being watched....
... but it is like one huge area of convection.
Surge of Convection.

There's a lot of supposition on what will happen.
Possibilities... based on models that change.
And preconceived convictions.

I'm waiting to see if NHC makes this an Invest.
There will be more hard core data then.

Til then it's like one large area.
A fast flow from West to East.

After this all plays out.

Good chance this forms somewhere into sometihng.
Off Florida moving North towards OBX
Probably take a 2023 stab at NE NATL.
Tropical  or Subtropical?
Gets a name or called a Gale...

But this is just guessing.
So I'll update when there's more to say definitive.

Know it's there.
Florida in for lots of rain.
That time of year.I h

Be back later, BobbiStorm

I had a friend who loved this song.
To be fair he loved Enya.
I have his Enya CDs
I listen when I need to get lost.



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