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Friday, November 17, 2023

PTC 22 Not Looking That Good. NHC Forecast Today Sticks With It Being a Tropical Storm. Maybe. Either Way it's Not Going to be a Player in the USA. Thanksgiving Day Weekend..


Not quite a TS yet.
Not as strong as what it SFL
(being honest)
But being tracked.
Forecast to be Vince.

NHC is back pedaling on it in discussion.

Lots of Ifs Ands and Buts...

See what they do by 11 PM...

You can see the bottom of this mess.
Darker colors...thats PTC 22
Top part has parts of the No Name Storm.

At some point a front pushes out to sea...
...and puts it out of it's misery!

(Actually the thing off FL looks better... )
Yes in a mood and a bit snarky.

This is really reaching if you ask me.
But .... if shear relaxes (it's strong)
I think it's wrong to hype something so badly.
And, yet... it will be a real weather maker.

Either way it's not gonna mess up anyone's Thanksgiving.
Well in the USA anyway. 

We are in that period between the end of Fall and the beginning of Winter, if you go by Meteorological Winter that begins on December 1st. Either way it cools off, warms up, cools off again and with each cold front the average low temperature drops a bit more and more. It's one of my favorite times of year usually.  Holiday decorations of all kinds are put up on display, people generally act a little kinder, more friendly and there's music playing in the Mall that people want to sing along to...  I put up tinsel around the windows in the bedroom and the light hits it pretty and makes me smile. 

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

My mother loved the artist this is copied from...
... how far did you roam?
Are you going home?
Or is home where you roamed?




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