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Sunday, November 12, 2023

AOI Carib 50% Orange. Waiting on Invest Upgrade IF They Really Believe in This System? Volcano in Iceland Seems a Sure Thing Higher than 50/50

At 50/50 chances of development.

Models show "something" but what?

This very official NOAA mkap shows a LOW
3 days from now.

Canadian shows a broad area of Low Pressure
Sort of anchored at both ends ???

There's a purple blotch in the GOM.
Sort of oozes moisture across a stalled front.
Lots of rain.
Then another front.
We are in frontal mode.
So if we are talking "tropical"
The energy for "tropical"
is limited to a track ENE...
...across Cuba

Could something form and ooze up into a frontal boundary?

But models aren't consistent.
But we are at 50% 
So that's the way of the tropical world today.

I'll update Monday ....
I'd imagine they would put up an Invest.
They really believe..........

Stay tuned and have a wonderful Sunday

@bobbistorm on Twitter

Did u know there's a volcano about to blow?
Iceland... land of Ice and Volcanoes... 



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