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Thursday, November 09, 2023

20% Yellow in Carib for 7 Days. November Named Storm? Could It Snow on Thanksgiving? Stay tuned...........2023 Anything Goes

Just putting this up here as the NHC has gone ahead and highlighted the area of interest that everyone on Twitter AKA X has been talking on for days now. 20% Yellow in the 7 day. This area is prime time for a November system that will ........most likely........go ENE NE or even NNE out of the Caribbean. But it hasn't formed and modeling is all over the place, but basically showing that typical November set up.

In other news the GFS is teasing us.
Okay, teasing me.
Possibility of snow..........
...possibility of a named system in tropics?

Choose one or both to follow.

Yes I know it's the GFS
But I can't help but smile.

I'll update Friday 

Stay tuned.
Pick a season or it's November  2023
Anything goes...

TWC map for November.

Yup... we will see.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
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