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Friday, October 27, 2023

Updated! Tammy Gets Her Mojo Back!! Near Bermuda. - Carib Watch 30% More Thoughts on Otis and Acapulco. Enjoy the Dry Weather in the South


Tammy's Back.
Track shows her looping.
Then fading away.... maybe.

Keep reading.
You can see how tightly wound she was earlier.

* * * 
8 AM

X Tammy looking like she's got mojo back.
Concerntrated, tight swirl.
Gale Warnings up for Bermuda.
70% NHC for a come back.

Below is our ?? system.
Does it form?
Does it merge with a cold front?
How many weather fantasies can come true?
Models on and off. Keep watching.
Note long term watch...
Nothing there now but in the 7 day...

Excellent discussion by Craig Setzer on the controversy of why was damage so strong in Acapulco. Hasn't had a major hurricane in 200 years. Fast spin up with crazy Rapid Intensification made it worse but they don't have Cat 5 glass and shutters aren't used usually as they have not had a major hurricane in 2 centuries, as he says. Also a reason it's so built up and a popular resort as usually it just gets some fringe impacts, few landfalls with any intensity to do much more than toss some palm fronds around. 

Have a very good weekend.
In Carolinas we have dry weather and Fall color.
A mini warm up before the temperature goes South again.
Find a beach, find a lake.
Go to the mountains...

Should be fairly beautiful for Florida.
Will deal with SW Carib on Sunday.
Look at models and loops and see what's there.
Lately models backing off....
...they always be changing.
Like the seasons...

Sweet Tropical Dreams

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