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Monday, June 26, 2023

Is Cindy Alive or Just a Ghost? Remnants of Cindy Try to Visit the Site of the Titanic in the NATL.... Strange Plot Twist!


Yellow X
like a submersible... 
30% in the 7 day....

Will update later after next model runs.
And some better visual imagery.
And a good long hot shower.

Good shower :)
I'm back.
Shower and Nespresso always works.
Ex Cindy could use some Nespresso!

A look around the Tropics shows us the "remnants" of Cindy flashing colors in the Atlantic way East of Florida, it's worth remembering whatever remnant circulation there is left there is far to the West of the colorful convection. Ghost of Cindy is being sheared tremendously currently, however some models show that the shear relaxes and Cindy grabs her clothes and begins to spin a bit ...possibly zooming up to North Atlantic seriously near where the Titan and Titanic were lost. Oddly sometimes when an area is "hot" news wise it stays hot news wise so we are watching Cindy's Ghost!

Down in the SW Carib the reddish golds are remnants of Bret and they are I may say stronger in intensity than anything Cindy has going on or blowing away in the shear zone. 

Approaching the Islands is a tropical wave not getting much love or attention from the NHC. Probably because the negative conditions that ripped at Bret would do the same here, but it's there do not forget.

Note the ITCZ behind the wave is suppressed from SAL, High Pressure and it's not a friendly piace right now. As a matter of fact looking at MIMIC we can see how thin the ITCZ is compared to a few weeks ago when it was one solid thick band of color.

That's a dramatic change in the ITCZ.
Note "Cindy" is tapping in to the tropical wave...
..Mimic shows her gas line..the moisture feed.
Also note "Bret" still moist there.

Will what's left of Bret get into the EPAC?
Will that DNA help spark a storm there?
Time will tell.

Just being honest.
Tropics are quiet.
El Nino in sway.
How strong it becomes....
...anyone's guess or forecast.

Cooler waters near Africa than before.
Stronger pulse of El Nino moving West.
Cool waters around Florida/GA oddly.
Odd times....
...waiting to see what we see.

For now it all comes down to Ex Cindy

30% chance in 7 days.
Stay tuned.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.
Twitter mostly weather .. Instagram whatever.

Ps Stay hydrated if you're getting the heat today!

My brother liked this song....... mother had it on an old LP.
Works well  ;)

He listened over and over and over...
...until it finally broke! 
No more Cindy song  :)


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