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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Heat Alerts. Smoke From Canada ... Poor Air Quality Alerts. Tropics in ATL Fairly Quiet. EPAC Lit For a Change. Stay Hydrated!!

Down to 1.
Northbound IF anything forms.
20% in 7 days.
X Cindy has gone away....
...not coming back for another day.

EPAC has Adrian.
And B storm should form any day...

(not headed for moving on for now.

Let's talk about the HEAT in Miami.
No not the basketball HEAT
Note from image below...
...afternoon tstorms on vacation.
Moved up towards N FL

Some clouds but the storms aren't storming.
When you don't get Tstorms at 3 PM
It gets really, really hot.
Dangeously hot!

I have a nephew who had a strange infection, was sore, feverish and he went to ER and they treated him  but....  number one thing on the list for cause was "dehydration" and my daughter's friend's boyfriend passed out at home, came to groggy and bleeding (Broke his jaw when he fell, it's wired together now.......) he went to ER and after operating and treating him and being tested for Lord only knows what they said he passed out from dehyration (apparrently just after walking in the house) and yes that happened. 

Another friend said his wife while gardening keeps getting dizzy but it's okay she's misting herself, no really it's not okay. Miami people aren't really used to this heat because this time of year it rains in the afternoon at some point and the temperatures break some and while it's muggy awful the temperatures come down. Drink water, pour the water over you and then go ahead and mist if you want. 

It's 86 degrees at my house.

In Raleigh, where I live when not in Miami, is under a Health Alert as smoke from the fires from Canada are swiling aound down this way and that and the high temperatures are creating havoc for people with asthma and other breathing problems. Yes, I am indoors. As a matter of fact, I'm not even cooking. My husband is bringing food home from the Kosher Food Truck that is usually at Duke University but since they are on summer break........we get a break and having Shwarma for dinner. I made a salad. By the way it's Kosher and Halal certified!! 

High Heat. Dry Heat.
Smoke from Fires.
Why anyone likes summer is beyond me.
Had all the summer I needed growing up in Miami.

As for the Tropics....

We have a pattern going.
Currently everything hangs a right before the Islands.
Heads North.

My way of saying.
Nothing going on.
Stay hydrated!
Stay inside if you have breathing problems.
Wait it out.
Count 10 days after EPAC lights up.
Usually we take turns but time will tell.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever.

My mother loved Harry Belafonte.
I always loved this song...


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