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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Bret Dead. Cindy Dying. Will Either Come Back to Life? Tropics on Hiatus Today ... What Next? Whatcha Watching Today in the News? Asteroid? Titan/Titanic?? Russia Russia Russia???


The best way I can say this is to show this tee shirt image you can buy from Mike's Weather Page in a variety of colors. Currently we are watching blobs and when I say that some have had a name and still have a name, but nothing impressive is out there today or tomorrow. 

There's waves out in the Atlantic but none of them are strong enough to get the attention from the NHC and there is some fluff and stuff off the coast in climatologically favored places but nothing is forecast to spin up into a homegrown mess anytime soon. Some models are still playing with Bret but it's most likely that parts of Bret's DNA gets into the EPAC that despite having orange and cherry circles has had problems getting a named storm spinning. There's some vorticity involved still in what's left of Bret that actually in some ways looks better than Cindy. 

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy... where do we start with Cindy? There is a slight chance that after Cindy falls apart it's remnants will be stuck by tropical lightning resuscitating a storm that barely was and it races off to the wrecks of the Titanic and Titan to cause more high seas there and they have had their share of high seas. That's not much to talk about here. Until it passes Bermuda, sure keep watching it if you have interests in Bermuda but for now it's not looking impressive.

El Nino is a thing, you can try and deny it but you will see the bigger picture soon and the two early storms that were impressive for June could not get going or really gain traction because of an abundance of Saharan Dust (see incredible pics of sunrise in Miami every day online... you don't get that much color without some SAL there in June) and shear that's usually there but enhanced by the building El Nino and despite warm waters by the Main Development Region that doesn't mean those well developed waves supported by warmer than normal waters can get a hurricane going that's going to go the distance just yet.

I'm not pulling the plug on the 2023 Hurricane Season by any means, I'm just saying we are on a hiatus of sorts until something presents itself to write about other than "blobs" we can watch. 

Do I think it's totally over for Cindy? I've always had a problem bonding with Cindy and so far it's not calling  my name to pay close attention. I think it's oddly interesting that in a karmic way it wants to go to the one spot in the hurricane map that has already had attention this week as the graveyard of anything with the name Titan in it. Think about it.

Otherwise people are watching the Asteroid about to slide between Earth and the Moon (hopefully that goes well) or watching the odd story that happened over the weekend in Russia that played out like the Mouse that Roared (old movie) because now if he survives to tell about the man who ran the real army fighting in Ukraine can go back to wherever he wants to go free of Putin's needs and well it's complicated but my degree in Geopolitics with specialty in Russian Studies is way more interested in this than Cindy tho Bret still gets a bit of my attention.  

Oh and it's Summer today and I feel the need to play and enjoy "summer" even though it's not my favorite season. I see Ice Cream in my future today!! Maybe the beach, maybe the Lake, maybe the Flea Market or who knows... summer doesn't have to have a To Do List does it.?

Check back tomorrow and we will see what Cindy did and if Bret's left over DNA can show up as a distant cousin to a new system somewhere and if the asteroid flew by as forecast.

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