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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Yellow X 10% Coastal Low. Gale Winds. High Surf. Heavy Rain ...Oh and Sharks an Issue on Carolina Beachs Too. Stay on TOP of the Weather along the SE Coast.

This "system" using the term loosely .... our yellow X

We now have a yellow X 10% chances.
It's there... it's going to kick up weather.

Watches and warnings up...
..gale winds, high surf. 
Lots of rain. Lots.

Next 5 day rain totals.
Most offshore but not all staying offshore.

Already windy and rainy in Myrtle Beach.

Bottom line is this is an economic mess on some levels. First weekend of summer has rain in the forecast for many of the beach cities that rely on this economic stimulus seasonally. Note there is much to do in Myrtle Beach as well as every other city other than go to the beach. Watch out for lightning and oh apparenly sharks are an issue as well as many have been sighted close in along South Carolina beaches.

As for me I'll be offline until Saturday evening for the Jewish holiday of Shavous where we eat way too much cheesecake and ice cream in communal events commemorating the Mt. Sinai miracle. I'm talking off course the giving of the 10 Commandments not some medical miracle but if you can celebrate that too personally go for it.

Seriously........less than a week til June 1st.

It's probably a safe bet the NHC won't upgrade this but I would not take that bet myself. Either way, it's severe weather that could lead to coastal floodings and high winds along the beach. Stay safe, pay attention to your weather apps and or local weather experts.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Burns, Burns, Burns.... lol

Could it get a subtropical name?
Time will tell.
NHC and NWS on top of it.
Weather in NC today is all about that!



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