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Saturday, March 11, 2023

TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE.... Small Chance of Snowflakes in Raleigh in March. That Last Chance Saloon Hope for Snow in This Part of the Piedmont.


Let me be clear here....
...i have the chance of snow for tomorrow.

This is not the 18Z teasing me on the 10th day, but just under 10 hours away there is a chance... a chance... we have a bit of snow falling before it changes over to rain. 

Nope not falling for it.
Not a stooge in a Farrelly Brother's movie.
....been there...done that....
Just playing with you...
...older wiser.
Winter of 2023 has nearly done me in..

Tempering my excitement with "it's March 2023" and we only had snow flakes at 1 AM once a long time ago for about 20 minutes this whole winter. It's been a season in hell for my fellow snow fans in the Carolinas and other areas close enough by to know what it's like to have a snow drought and only that small "trace" recorded for 20 minutes way back when we thought we'd have many  more chances of real snow this winter. So glad I went outside at 1 AM in the middle of the night back when to see snow falling!!

Been a real season in hell for winter weather lovers...

If you know you know..........

Years ago I'd be excited or a believer but it's been a year of deceiving models that made promises never kept. And, now it's March and trees are in bloom and people are planting tomatoes even though experts said to "wait" and the local news is showing segments on how to handle Spring Allergies. Hint... take a whole lot of showers every time you come in from outside, treat your clothes as if there was a radiation leak at the nearby Nuclear Plant...wash them twice before drying them for a real long time. Every time you go outside!

Looks like rain to me... favorite dramatic satellite image.


OSCARS are tomorrow night.
I was in LA 19 years ago.
Give or take a few weeks.
Been a while... 

So do I get to see some snow flakes falling?
Pretty please...
I literally prayed the whole way to Temple today.
Clouds high up had a look to them.
But.... not trusting Lucy with the football.
Ya know what I mean and I think you do!

We will see tomorrow.
Did you know XFL Football is a thing?
Time will tell.

Sweet Tropical Dreams...
...or snowy dreams!
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever.

Ps... Love this song below.
Love the whole CD
One of my favorites.
And I have a whole lot of Willie...


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