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Thursday, March 02, 2023

March 2nd... New Month... 91 days til June 1st. 3 Months Away... Time Flies. Shop Early at Sales for Hurricane Supplies. Articles on El Nino Coming Don't Tell You We Had Andrew, Betsy and Katrina in El Nino Years.


Here in the Carolinas.........
...we be in Pollen Season.
It's a real thing.

Everything in life is about Seasons be they time, holidays or markers in time. A Season is a separation, a place that holds special memories and activities. If you live in the South you know it means different decoraations as we raise decorating our personal space to a holy elevation. If someone could figure out how to make a wreath of pollen they would... tho in this case we just wait for it to blow in the wind and hope the rains come and wash it away fast. 

What's next?
Spring Season.... plant your tomatoes!
Baseball lovers... Spring Training started... makes Stephen King happy
Easter/Passover Season... everyone be praying those egg prices come down fast!
Mango Season in Florida when the much hated, gritty pollen goes away and trees are laden with fruit!
Hurricane Season begins in June, but often we have a preseason storm so think May.
Football Season often ramps up around the same time the Hurricane Season does.
Halloween brings surprises such as Hurricane Sandy.

So I ask are you hiding from Hurricane Season the way people in the Carolinas cover up their outdoor furniture (or bring it in) and shut up their windows tight trying to hide from the reality of the yellow mess that gets inside even with every window locked up tight?? How it does that I don't know, it's one of the great mysteries of the South!

My point is you can't hide from Hurricane Season. You can wish it away or on someone else, but hurricanes happen the way pines shower yellow pollen down everywhere. Some years worse, some years better. I've heard some places in Atlanta even put it on Sushi. I saw it on a menu, it's a thing. 

My question is what would you need you are under a Hurricane Watch or Hurricane Warning?

Oh...........but you heard EL NINO is coming (that's a season too it seems) and we don't need to worry about Hurricanes. Truly, you are wrong and those purveyors of that myth will sprinkle versions of that story all over the Internet with as many click bait links as you can think up. What they don't tell you is many of our worst hurricanes, most memorable monsters made landfall in El Nino Yeas. 

Hurricanes Andrew, Betsy and Katrina all came and made landfall twice in Florida and again in Louisiana/Mississippi in El Nino years. Andrew was the first named storm of the extremely slow Hurricane Season and it looked crappy until it didn't look so crappy, intensifying fast fairly close in. Betsy was a mess, many mets thought would never stay together or make it anywhere, until it crawled SW away from a rare Jax hit and intensified into a monster that ripped across the Florida Keys and never stopped going. Katrina formed just off the Florida coast and drew blood there first, before drawing way more blood later in it's second landfall!

All three of these historic hurricanes have the same signature that they floundered out at sea, but pulled it together close to landfall. Trust me, you'd rather have a hurricane be a beautiful spinner far out in the Atlantic recurving away from the landfall than developing and intensifying over the Gulfstream's very warm, high octane water or some loop current out in the Gulf of Mexico. El Nino may bring less hurricanes but the quality often makes up for the lack of quantity.

Andrew...weak wobbly far out.
A monster close in.

Betsy pulled it together over the Bahamas.
Exploded in the GOM ...
...never lost a beat crossing Florida.

Katrina forms close in...
goes Hurricane as it's making landfall.
Finds the Loop Current.

Yes, the Caribbean may be quieter as there is often strong shear there, but what the click bait articles don't tell you is that El Nino does not shut down the whole basin and often Mother Nature finds a way, close in to landfall with little lead time to prepare.

This is a good article below that you should read. It is not click bait and covers the issue better than most you will read. 

Yes, there may be less storms, but it's not a lock in that there is nothing to worry about. And this asterisk of storms being strong closer in along Florida, OBX and in the Gulf of Mexico is rarely talked about. Buy stuff on sale and hide it somewhere away from your midnight munchie attack or your children who sniff out anything you buy and try to gobble it up before you can put it in their school snacks. Get a closed container that seals well, start stuffing it with canned goods, snacks that last and first aid supplies, batteries and anything you see on the list of supplies you might need and store it away somewhere safe.

Hopefully you don't get a landfalling hurricane in 2023, but I can't promise you that you won't because "El Nino is here to save us" as articles may seem to promise but did not deliver in 1992 when Andrew formed in August, in 1965 when Betsy stayed together even though it looked to fall apart nor 2005 when Katrina popped up and came together off Miami's beautiful beaches and never looked back.

It may be a "slower season" but if a Major Hurricane slams into your town, you will remember it as a very active year be it El Nino, La Nina or a Neutral Year. Kind of like the joke about surgery, if it happens to someone else is minor surgery but if it happens to you it feels like major surgery.

Publix has many buy one get one sales on commonly used snacks and drinks, buy one put the other way. The Dollar Storm aka $1.25 Store has snacks, batteries and paper goods galore so buy something when you go shopping when you have the extra money and put it away. If you don't get a named storm you will have extra kleenex, napkins, chocolate chip cookies or whatever you buy for hurricane supplies. The trick with Hurricane Supplies is they are things that do not go bad without refrigeration, so you can use them as you need them anytime. 

It's that easy...
Let's hope we never have to get here, but if so maybe put it in your Hurricane Kit....
I'm just playing with ya...

Have a wonderful day! I woke up in the early morning hours to a wild thunderstorm, rolling thunder that went on and on, heavy rain and it was beautiful to listen to and well that forecast verified. Supposedly we have some wind issues coming up later in the week.  The trees are budding here, pollen is falling and you can't find allergy meds at most Dollar Stores, so that should be a reminder to you if you need some benedryl it's better to hide away a few things for hurricane season rather than panic and get there too late and the shelves are bare!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather, Instagram whatever.

Ps Here's a good site to use to look up your most memorable hurricane and see if it came in some sort of El Nino year, or La Nina. They happen every year El Nino or no El Nino, La Nina or Neutral you can't stop them any more than you can the pine pollen from falling.

One of my favorite old time songs. There's a building near me with a large parking lot that tilts some and every year when the pollen falls into the rain puddles it creates patterns that are beautiful and I think of this beautiful song.


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