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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Winter's 2023 Roller Coaster.... Severe Storms in the South Headed NE... Winter Weather Still MIA in the SE ... Time Will Tell. Will the Pattern Flip?

Severe Weather in the South.
Again....'s as if Severe Weather Season never went away.

And what begins in the Deep South...
...doesn't stay there.

The weather moves NE up into the heart of Tennessee!

Just a nasty few days.
Winter Weather to the North ....
...Severe Weather again in the South.
And parts of Ohio and it tracks along the track.
The track of 2023.

There's been a lot of talk about a pattern flip coming down the road in 10 days to 2 weeks or so. A better chance at late season snow and winter sort of weather, complete with cold temperatures and Meme's that would scream "I'm baaack!!!" 


I've been burned by so many models and so much discussion online and in the end it ends up being Wishcasting. Hoping, dreaming of snow and a Winter Wonderland! Dreams delayed over and over, but there's always another model run late at night to wait up for and see if maybe, just maybe.... this one will come and deliver. 

I don't usually wait up for the late night model unless it's hurricane season and there's a named storm on the map. Maybe if we have a good shot of winter weather or have just entered into a Winter Storm Watch in which case I'll stay up late and wait to see what the next model run looks like. 

I'm watching the Water Vapor Loop and enjoying the cooler days, cooler than what it'll be like in July and August here! Sunny skies and 73 degrees in February in North Carolina... nothing could be finer, right? Not really right, but I'll take it! I mean seriously if I'm gonna have weather flirting with the 80s I may as well be in Florida?  Right? Right... 

This is Roller Coaster Weather but the highs are getting higher and the lows lower.

In truth I think March will have a Winter Surprise for us in the first few weeks. If not then...when?

Til then I watch the loops and enjoy Dabuh's musical tranlations of what he sees, what we see on the various models and satellite imagery.

Oh you gotta follow... 
Such great art, wisdom and music!

Stay tuned.....
.... at some point it'll flip and there will be a window, a door... for Winter Weather before Winter is in the rear view mirror! Remember....when I said that about the Hurricane Season when everyone was insisting on sticking a fork in it.  And, then something changed........

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm in Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever...  enjoy the music!


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