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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Silly Hot in the Carolinas. Roller Coast Winter 2023 Continues. Watching the Patten, Watching Tweets From Friends DaBuh and Thor and Ed in SC is Making Me Miss My Mrytle Beach and Pawley's Island. Spring Is About to Bust and Summer Calling...


West Coast and Pacific really hogging the winter action.
Look carefully you see the huge Pacific swirl.... the east the High over the Sargasso Sea
This has been a heartbreaking pattern for ...
...winter weather lovers in Carolinas and Mid Atlantic.
Maybe next year... El Nino coming.
I'd take that to the bank....
...of be hugely surprised if not.

Silly Hot today here.
Why stay here for hot.
I can be somewhere else for hot.
Yes I could miss a stray snow flake.
But hoping, first week of March...
..last few days of February maybe.
If not... 
...maybe next year.

Been doing this a long time, since before I was online. Lived and died by the weather reports on the weather radio and in the old days you could call a number for the "Weather Bureau" and they had the recording they later put on the weather radio. My mother put the number next to the phone and she'd say "why don't you call" when I was bored and trust me being born a restless soul I was always bored. I called a lot. My neighbor's son was a pilot that flew on the Hurricane Hunter planes, her house was filled with pictures on the walls of photos he took inside of hurricanes. My father's Alma Mater was UM...the Hurricanes. You get the idea, I was born into hurricane culture. 

One year is "oh my God it's never gonna stop" and another year is "oh there's a tropical depression but it's not going to get a name....ever" and then that year where everything tried to form, fell apart and then snapped back and then fell apart. Other years like the one with Maria, Irma, etc, etc... or 2004 and 2005 were endlessly filled with landfalling, crazy hurricanes. Winter Weather is the same way and in the Carolinas it's either drought or bust! In the Carolinas cold fronts don't make it down deep and in those quiet years people can get really depressed who love Winter Weather vs the ones dancing about and out on the golf courses every day showing off "look it's warm and sunny" and so you take the long view. What you are denied this year, maybe you get next year more than you dreamed or hoped for....

This is what happens when it's silly hot.
Great Valentines Day Tweet from Ed Piotrowski.

And when you have been doing this a long time online, you build up relationships with good friends who are into weather and weather minds definitely think alike. There's usually a message in my rambling long read posts but it takes a while to discern them. Sometimes I don't want to say out right what I'm thinking, but long term readers can pick between the words and know what I'm implying. Kind of like when the word "should" is written into Tropical Discussion for a weak, paltry tropical wave at least six times. Or when they start with the label of a "vigorous tropical wave" it catches your attention. Remember when you were in 5th or 6th or 7th grade and you didn't want to tell a crush you had a crush on them so you pretended to be friends or mildly annoyed at them lest they think you thought they were cute? Come on everyone did that at some point. When you're grown up you look back and think "why did I do that?" and then you giggle. 

Thor gave an awesome LIVE broadcast last night online, off topic here, make me laugh and smile, listened til I had to go to sleep. It's on YouTube... you can always rewatch something. I do that with Tropical Tidbits in the Hurricane Season, so much info I need to listen to it twice sometimes.. my  mind wanders, born restless. Thor is one of many friends here, that always rock my world even when I'm moody or is it in a mood. Got a lot on my mind today, trying to follow a to do list and "blog" was on the list.

Great Tweet by DaBuh below.
But you really gotta know.
If you know you know....
and I know!

I'm doing what I did last hurricane season when things were slow, slow and slower and that is lower my expectations and play it in real time, not letting the GFS break my heart and whatever happens happens. I watch the Water Vapor Loop, I watch the pattern. Like that left eye wink he has there highlighted, by the way, on topic but again being cryptic!

Got things to do and places to go... 
...more tomorrow.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever...come along for the ride..

and a Ps song....

and I love this song also....

Ps....if I post them here.
I always know where to find my playlist.
What's your playlist???


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