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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Severe Weather Troubles. Snow in NYC??? Roller Coaster Winter of 2023. CAD in the Carolinas, Warms Up, Cools Off for Weekend ... Again.


I went on YouTube this morning to see what the meteorological community is talking about and again severe weather is the name of the game. Ryan Hall is good at what he does, in that same way Mike is awesome at what he does with his Brew Crew in the morning. 

Mitch is showing it in his own way.
We all show things in our own way.

A serious sliver of severe weather going to slice through Texas and Oklahoma and then move East. Though parts of that energy will move North as way too warm, moist air is moving up into the colder latitudes and that creates confusion and chaos as Planet Earth in our part of the world can't seem to decide which season it is and if you live in the Carolinas you know you can get any season you like in one week. 

I'm not sure whether I like this graphic or not, but it does get the point across and captures people's attention.  Strong winds, crazy wild winds may be the big player in this region. A look at the Mimic shows the problem. If you have ever been at a real rodeo you would know what is going on and how one low far away is cranking up moist air in the Caribbean with additional energy to the West whips the atmosphere around in unhealthy ways.

It's not good to have suntanning weather in February, though it may be nice for your tan, but then cold air whips right back at you. And, the plants...oh my the plants. They start to bud too early, and people plant tomatoes thinking (hoping) winter is over but everything needs to come together in it's own season for a harvest to be healthy and to get the right taste in the peaches, strawberries and well I won't even talk about Winter Wheat! What looks like wonderful warm weather to some, will produce crappy wine for 2023 in regions in the US that produce grapes for wine and many areas do. 

Allan Nosoff is covering NYC weather and many who travel in and out of there follow him across the country online. He tries to pin down the right info, the correct model and tempers the hope for snow with the reality that is might just be a cold, nasty rain. Allan is a good guy, fairly tall too, and moving up in the weather world.

Back in the Carolinas........
....back at the ranch so to say.

I didn't have to even click on the model images to know which was the GFS and which was the EURO, though there is some agreement that Winter may make a last stand the first week in March. Either we will get one cold night and more of the same or the chance for some in higher latitudes and higher elevation to see some sort of wintry precipitation. Maybe. 

Maybe. isn't a sentence as it is lacking a noun and a verb, but my winter in Raleigh is rather lacking too right now so I'm not interested in grammar as much as I am if we can squeeze out one burst of winter weather. Either way I'm not living and dying by the models, I'll do that during the tropical time of year. 

I have a headache and I know that is not news, but it is annoying. Prone to headaches for various reasons and often they are related to weather, mold or being nervous on too many things. So going to try and chill out today and let others worry on the Severe Weather event that is unfolding and is getting enough attention. Wondering on what New York City gets this week and if it can squeeze out a few snowflakes.

Above for NYC.. Brooklyn.
Below for Raleigh, NC.

Choose the day you want to be outside wisely.

I have a confession to make. I love Cold Air Damming. It reminds me of quiet mornings in Southern California before the marine layer evaporates and the sun finally comes out. It's a touch of winter in an odd year of see saw, roller coaster weather. It's calm.  There's barely a leaf moving. I lit a candle, sipping tea and smiling because this may be as much winter as I get in Raleigh in 2023! We have a bit of cold air damming going on here. 

Thanks for reading. Have a good day. Hope you get the weather you want, but remember if you are getting suntanning weather in late February the flora may be getting mixed messages and your harvest may not be as good as you hoped. And, for gosh sakes .... we are far from the last frost possible so stop rushing the tomato crop! It's not over, til it's over and it's not over!

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


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Ps... not proofing this as my head hurts, my eyes hurt and going to go offline and take a nice walk around the neigbhorhood while it's beautifully cool and serene.


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