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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Hotter in Charlotte than Miami? Make it Stop!!! Fix It!! Bring Back the Cool (Saturday Cooler) Tornado in NJ? Where's the Snow.... Freddy in Madagascar

This Winter has been one long Severe Weather Season from the Deep South all the way up into New Jersey! I was on the road yesterday, so this morning I checked my friends on Twitter to see what all the Weather News was as I'm trying to NOT pay attention to other news. It just didn't stop the whole Winter did it?  NC gets "severe weather warnings" weekly rather than snow. But, next year you know it is forecast to be an El Nino so... will wait and see how that unfolds.

Photo by Jonathan Snyder online.
Incredible, need to check him out.
Would love a poster of that!
Ed Piotrowski reposted it!

I do so love Pawley's Island, but this is Murrels Inlet just up the road some. No better place than Low Country to watch the stars in the sky or the planets when they dance together. Just spiritual, art by nature all you gotta do is sit there and watch it play out in the sky or on the ground as the lights light up the marsh incredibly beautiful. 

So it's forecast to be warmer in Charlotte NC today than Miami, because Miami at least gets the breeze off Biscayne Bay and the nearby ocean this time of year. But, in two days the temperature here slides down to where it belongs again this time of year before rising again fast. Roller Coaster Weather.

99 Days til Hurricane Season.... 
Do you have a plan? 
Do you have supplies?
Have you fixed your roof yet from the last storm?

Which name calls to you?
Margot does Miami!
Cindy does Charleston!
Don makes it to Dallas!
I know IDALIA gets everyone nervous.
Gert... still around after all these years!
Bret does Bimini???
Jose does Havana?

Old time reporters would alliterate every storm somehow with literary like headlines. They would give each storm unique personality traits that made the hurricane seem more alive, like a real person or entity rather than some wind barbs and weather maps. 

Big-Eyed Betsy.
Yes, she had a beautiful eye.
Deadly, disastrous.
Florida and Louisiana.
1965 was an El Nino Year.
Just saying.

Often El Nino years bring the worst storms proving the point that quality over quanity remains the same game. You may have a La Nina year where storms form everywhere but rarely make landfall, then some slow El Nino comes along and you get the A storm that's a Cat 5 Andrew in late August.  

So while fretting over a lack of snow in the South and worrying on politics on the world stage keep it in mind that down the tropical road... Hurricane Season is a coming! Like it or not. Love it or hate it... 

If you aren't worrying on politics on a a world stage, please share how you sleep through the night.  Seriously, odd, crazy times we live in but hoping peace will prevail. 

Either way... enjoy the weather, that first bird that sings in the morning or the sound of the Canadian Geese in the Carolinas flying in honking to their favorite watering hole (just heard them) or the planets dancing in the sky or the moorise out over the water. 

I remember the old saying, lines we learned in Drama Class... "All the world's astage... the men and women merely players;"  Shakespeare like Peter really knew how to use a semi colon. I digress.... 

Have a good day! 

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorn on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostlyweather and Instagram whatever..

This song was brought to you by NOAA

Remember my #1 tip after water, beer and batteries.

After going through Andrew without power.
For a long, long time.
I had water, I had batteries. I had kids.
No one told me to buy premade Coffee in cans.
Passing it along.... if you're a coffee drinker.
First Aid Supplies.
Coffee or Beer... 
You decide!!!


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