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Friday, February 24, 2023

97 Days til Hurricane Season.... Early Tips. Buy Generators When ON SALE! Use Time Wisely...


97 days until Hurricane Season and I'm giving early, pre-season tips on ways to make your life easier should a strong hurricane come to visit your town. The best way, if you can afford it, is to buy a good generator for your specific needs while it's on sale. Some states have tax free days that you can use for one of these, but it's also more likely a time when generators may be higher priced seeing as it's weeks before the start of the Hurricane Season.

Should you live in one of those places where Winter Storm Supplies go on sale and stores try and free up their space for BBQs and Patio Furniture, take advantage of the generator sales. If you have been thinking on getting a large BBQ Gas Grill then you might find one on featured sale and at least you'll have a gas grill to cook what has defrosted in your freezer and or make fresh coffee!

Not everyone wants or has a generator. Honestly, we never did anywhere we lived. But I know from many who use them during Ice Storms in the Carolinas or after a hurricane knocks out the power it's way better to have one than not... again if you can afford them.

My mother never wanted them as she had many fears and having a generator not work right and cause deadly problems made her scared of them, insisting we could use Sterno or flashlights. To be fair, it's worth noting, my mother had an insane fear of terrazzo floors worrying one of my younger brothers running across one might hit their head on them and well... not survive.  Being Southern and Jewish gives you enough material for a dark comedy of Southern Gothic Literature.  Fears are high up on the ladder ...which we didn't have many of you could kill yourself ... "falling off THAT ladder" and no I am not making this up.

Yet, most people feel safer and more secure knowing they can keep the lights on after a hurricane knocks out the power for weeks as has happened often in South Florida. Be it keeping the food cold in the fridge or having the AC on to get you through the long hot days after the storm has passed while waiting for the power to go out.

That's it.
Tip for the day!

Winter is trying to put on a show at the two ends of the country today... populated areas many people love and carefully avoiding the SE part of the USA.

I'm under the weather today, not Covid like under the weather, with a plain old virus that's making me sleepy, lazy and in the mood to endlessly Google various Hurricane Seasons to see which ones had record breaking high temperatures in the Carolinas as possible use for an analog year or two. Takes a while, 3 years the heat record beat in this general area were 1977, 1930 and 2017. One year average, one year super slow and one year super busy. It's not about one day but a pattern that persists that can be studied as to trends that may or may not continue to appear. Mind always thinking ya know..

Tomorrow it's supposed to be cold.
Cold and rainy.
Perfect day to stay home and hot sip tea.
Read some books or magazines.
Rest, pray and enjoy some weather!

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather, Instagram whatever.

While sick I watch old Flapper Musicals.
Well ..not the whole musical.
Scenes from... 
... I'm a sucker for the Roaring 20s!
Seriously :)

Only someone who loves them too...
...would understand.

Historically very nasty, busy hurricane years!


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