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Monday, October 31, 2022

PTC 15 Dressing up as Lisa for Halloween! Lisa Forms... Tries to Get into the Pacific......(Seymour??) BUT We May Have a November Surprise in a Week or So. Election Day Storm Could Form? Maybe... Being Silly But Been an Odd Year. Stay Tuned .. Where's Martin?

Lisa is trick or treating as a Tropical Storm today!

Happy Halloween! Do you want a trick or a treat? Because I can talk to you about Tropical Storm Lisa, newly formed, battling shear but expected to flirt with hurricane status as it comes together over hot water in the SW Carib just before landfall. Of course the real trick is Lisa goes left into the Pacific and probably dies trying to cross back over. Hasn't 2022 been an interesting hurricane season? And, as I said last night, 2022 Hurricane Season is not done with us yet.......


Yeah, figures.

Let's do it again.... 

That said..... it brings with it the threat of flooding rains, mudslides and more misery for a region that recently hosted Julia. As the season begins to end ...the end is tucked in the beginning. Can the EPAC get another named storm?  Stay tuned.

Now Lisa was the treat as it shows no signs of trying to get up into the Gulf of Mexico, in fact it may actually go S of West as the high to the North is currently strong.

Note I said "currently" as everything changes in real time, especially as we trek through Autumn that either delievers "oh my God it's freezing" or "why is it 78 degrees today"  ... things change. 

The trick is all the moisture left over ...
In the Caribbean... in the Atlantic.
Long range models show possible trouble in a week or so.
So looking down the tropical road......

The GFS shows this odd image.
Far down the road...
Moisture moving up over the islands.
Kind of wants to be a CV wave but it''ll be November.
Image below is Nov 9th

Speaking of waves.... wants to scream "BOO!"
And wave at Dabuh in Jax.

Of course the EURO plays hard to get.
Yet... what it does do is further ... West.
Also for the 9th of November.
Ps there's an eclipse on November 8th...

Down in the Carib and oh look!
EPAC gets Seymour maybe...

It's too soon to tell.
But you know some of us do tell....

My buddy Dabuh posted this image up above...
..while I was writing this blog.
So going with it.

Just because it's November the season is not over and often La Nina seasons are busy at the end of the season and with fronts dipping down its all in the timing whether they treat you and curve away from the US coast (Florida) or trick you and grab a strong cold front... racing up the coast with it. With luck they can stay off shore and out to sea but never bet on luck unless you're very lucky!!

Don't say I didn't warn ya...

Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps Regarding halloween I'm not doing anything this year but in past years I was usually some sort of a dancer or a Gypsy. Actually I was a Gypsy from an early age... or a flapper. Maybe I'll wear my Victoria Secrets PJs with a leopard pattern .... but not eating candy ... maybe some BBQ Potato Chips! On second thought I think I was a flapper first but you get the idea :)


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