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Friday, September 09, 2022

Chances For Development in the Altantic Keep Slip Sliding Away........ Still Looking Around for Homegrown. Earl Simply Beautiful Fish Storm.

Invest 95L with nice model support... 
..down to 10% as if the plug is being pulled!

Then they say "wait til the low rider African Wave..."
It's in danger of extinction too!

Oh Lord.............
.... not what the models promised!

This image above tells the story.
EPAC and GOM/Carib has moisture.
Atlantic in September devoid of moisture.

I do not believe "SAL" is the only problem.
SAL is up against .... 

SAL is there but did not kill of Earl.
The waves are coming off lacking.
Shear is an issue.
Every year has it's own signature.

Gulf of Mexico has a moisture feed.
An Upper Level Low is there.

A set up Lows in the GOM and near FL/GA Line.

Been a long day for me and though it wasn't a bad day it was just a spacey day. Allergies bothering me and Sinus Allergy Tylenol makes me spacey. 

Every long range model shows potential that shrivels up and dies in real time. This does not mean that something may get across the Atlantic and develop closer in. It also doesn't stop close in, homegrown systems from developing. As for Earl.. may become a Major Hurricane. And, large strong hurricanes in the Atlantic tend to lower chances for systems further to the South trying to cross said Atlantic from forming.

Stay tuned.... 
Sunday is NFL Football. 
A step closer to Fall and I like Fall, it won me over ;)

Besos BobbiStorm
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Great song.... so true, time keeps slip sliding away....


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