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Monday, August 15, 2022

UPDATED 8PM. NEW YELLOW AREA 20% ... SW Cari - A New Day, Another Story in the Tropics. Misplaced Energy... Big Problem 2022. Where's Invest 99L ... Waiting.

Been much discussion on this happening.
Crosses the Yucatan area... into BOC.

This moisture has been sitting down there...
...hovering over Panama.
Curious the models take it North.
Well NW... 
...lets see what they say tomorrow.

Note models are sniffing Wave Juice next week.

More Tuesday Morning.
If you haven't read the blog keep reading.
Nothing much has changed except for 20% yellow!

* * * 

What was originally Invest 97L that kept moving slowly across a turbulent ocean with an atmosphere that was constantly rearranging has zero chances of developing according to the NHC. But, it's marked by a yellow X with misplaced convection to the East of it as it has been fighting shear for what seems like years now.

Everything is sheared off to the NE...
... watched it this long will keep watching.
Not much else to watch.

Models do try and grasp onto possibilities.

Invest 98L still raining some in Texas. Yet another FRONT moving fast across the US diving down a bit near the Carolinas, pushing everything else off shore including an area trying to form off the Carolinas. It's one continuous piece of energy visible on a multitude of loops. A new wave about to come off Africa shows potential with some models and other models race off after another close in Invest that could form along the East Coast.

Meteorologists pull their hair out and debate if this is 1997, 1999 or 2013. It's 2022 and it will end up being whatever will be down the road and many will debate the strangeness of this year in the tropics. This is about as empty as the world gets tropically speaking, and a vacuum rarely stays a vacuum as generally something fills the vacuum.

Lastly there is this graphic.

Shows something in the Atlantic possible....
...later this week.
Again time will tell.......

I have been the keeper of secrets in my family for a long time. There's always some secret, some speculation and some destination about to be traveled to by someone. I've lived in lots of places and on both coasts of the US, I kind of prefer the West Coast vibes but ended up back on the East Coast. 

The reason hurricanes happen is they are part of the process of moving, evacuating and rearranging the atmopshere across the planet from the equator to the poles. They serve a purpose and that purpose is best served when a huge "Fish" storm stays out at sea but helps push along Autumn and keeps the seasons balanced. Storms are beautiful to film, to chase and amazing to study yet they actually serve a purpose. You wouldn't want to live on a hot, parched, desert like planet with no moisture and no air moving anywhere would you? So while many cheer when there's "nothing out there" it's actually not a good sign as down the road there will be something and Planet Earth actually needs hurricanes.

To everything there is a time and purpose ...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps I had a friend who liked this song and the concept. Another friend liked the verse in the bible. Another friend just liked to dance to it. A woman dies, a baby girl is born (with a pretty name I may add) and somewhere some child of mine is always traveling and dancing. 

Which friend are you? 
And, where is Invest 99L because 99L Invests often tend to be pains to forecast.


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