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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Let's Look at 1999 Hurricane Season. Another Season That Picked UP in August & Didn't Stop. Also Horrific Flooding in Kentucky Highlights Dangers of Flash Floods


Phil Klotzbach tweeted this tweet about certain hurricane seasons that had no named storms since July 2nd for a 30 day period. It's common for the tropics to go quiet in July. One year mentioned is 1999 a year I have thought on much recently. 

Busy season.

For weeks through July and into August.
Then 4 Major Hurricanes.

This Iconic picture shows storms in a crowded basin!

Yes most of July, Halfway into August.

Inland Flooding and Floyd ....

The flooding in Kentucky hits me hard.
Flooding is the worst!
Every hurricane season there is this risk....
...people don't get.
Not on a beach near landfall so they think they are safe.
Then Floyd, Matthew and Florence came along.

Whether you live in a holler or a river flood basin...
... the risk of Flash Flooding is horrific!!

In 1999 
Miami got lucky. NC did not!

A typical October Hurricane hit South Florida
Actually the Miami area had epic flooding.

But on today's date in history...
...nothing was happening.

That's what I call an old fashioned hurricane season!

June too soon.
July too early.

August Look Out!

Sweet Tropical Dreams

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NHC says Nothing for 5 days.


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