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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Updated!! Winter Storm... MLK Weekend Winter Storm? Izzy? Whatever You Call It ... It Delivered! Snow at Sunrise, Sleet Later... Now Freezing Rain & Ice on Pines. In FL Tornado Warnings Galore... Crazy.

Updated 8:30 pm

It’s been a crazy day of ever changing forms of precipitation from snow to sleet to freezing rain and eventually heavy rain as the warm nose moved in as the models verified perfectly. I have power but many do not across a wide area, across many states. 

We had icicles hanging from the roof, trees covered in a thin layer of ice. I watched as a small branch on a large oak tree crashed down in the wind.  Tonight  while out on the balcony for a moment I realized a light in the townhouses behind me was shinning down onto the ice on the pine trees turning them into golden glitter as the yellow streetlight illuminated what was left of the ice at twilight.  Simply beautiful!!  

Snow is magical. Sleet is neat and has a beat!

Freezing rain is mesmerizing but a bit scary as Ice is nice to look at but it can be dangerous and take the power out .  

I’m tired.  I barely slept. 

Maybe later in the week we will have another chance at snow!

Thanks for following along … and for joining in the conversation online.


The whole East Coast under a variety of warnings.
This is impressive.
In the old days we'd call it a SuperStorm.
Not sure what the rules for that is but...
...from Tornadoes in Florida to Snow and Ice...
Wind Warnings Off Coast..
Applachia getting slammed.
Huge Storm system.

Radar signature... 
Looks like  Jelly Fish with EYES and a nose!
Icy Jelly EYES!!

I have feels like 18 degrees in Raleigh.

The tail is producing severe weather and torandoes in FL

In Raleigh we had snow....
...then sleet.
Sleet is neat it has a beat!  Really... it's freezing rain.

I can upload some videos but you get the idea!
I woke up just before 6 AM.

Love that time of day... Twilight!
My red poinsetta hanging on nice and bright!

It began snowing on time at 6 AM.
Sat outside in the twilight sipping coffee ..smiling!

Wore my super duper warm robe over PJs ;)
Snow on the ground, in my hair...

Just a crazy jam packed day today weather wise.

I'll update later.
Winds are supposed to pick up later today.
With ice accumulating on branches and wires....
... many people will lose power.
Many people have lost power.
Snow impacting Atlanta.
Charlotte having problems.
Area from Charlotte to Columbia SC ICY
A real Southern Winter Storm!

Stay tuned!
Stay warm!
Stay happy!
Go with the flow weather wise... 
... Cantore and Mike are in Asheville.

Personally I love being home enjoying the weather!
I can fly to snow anytime....
...but to have it come to me.
Watch on my balcony....
.......sip a hot chocolate!
Loving it!

For live coverage you can't beat Ryan Hall, well if you like people who talk fast and I do so enjoy he's doing a good job covering it all LIVE

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
I'll update later as things here unfold!


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