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Monday, January 17, 2022

Climatology. How it Always Wins! Snow in Mid January in Raleigh......... Can Happen Anytime BUT.......Usually Mid to Late January. (Like Hurricane Season and Tropical Wava & Looking Back 5 Years Ago ... Henna Party & Wedding in Israel!


So this was yesterday...... snowy.
ICE after Sleet.

This is today.
After the Winter Storm.

This doesn't always happen but it almost always happens in Raleigh. This is one of the reasons people move here from "Up North" because they "love the seasons" but don't want to "have to shovel snow all winter" which I have heard over and over from new arrivals. Florida is pretty for a vacation, but all those "BecauseFlorida" stories online scare people away and the Realtors often assure then rarely does it snow here. 

To be fair it can snow on Thanksgiving as it did about 14 years ago or on Christmas as it did when the whole state got snow (and anytime in between) but CLIMO weighs in and usually delivers snow from Mid January to Mid February so reliably that my Facebook Feed has 3 or 4 times in the last decade it actually snowed yesterday and today in Raleigh. You know, those annoying "see what you did on this date" on Facebook? Well, I clicked on the link as it's a holiday and we're taking it easy and oh my goodness, so true it does snow most commonly Mid January. Kind of the way Africa spits off incredibly beautiful waves and they rarely really develop until Climo kicks in no matter what the models show. There are always exceptions to the Climo rule.

So let's take a look back on history for this general day in Raleigh History!

January 17th!
I did a double take.
Because yesterday I posted this...
...but it wasn't all icy, crystal this is white.
Oh right.....2018.
That tree i nthe foregrown is way bigger now.

January 2016 flakes began to fall in my backyard!
January 17th!!

January 17th, 2013!
Old house...watching snow at night.
Covered the ground.

Another January 17th...radar with snow.

So come April and May when we start to see incredible waves coming off of Africa, and models begin to develop the really great waves...........remember CLIMO really gets a vote with waves and snow!

It also reminded me I was in Israel 5 years ago, still blogging as promised by estatic to finally see Israel, be there for my daughter's wedding party and enjoy seeing Jerusalem and the Wall and a Henna Party that evening for the bride, as is the custom with Persian Jews and my son-in-law's mother is Persian while is father is Yeminite!

You can Google it.
It's a custom by a lot of Middle Eastern Jews ;)
And many Palestinians and well it's Middle Eastern.
But every one is a bit different.
Lots of food, music and incredible dancing!
Henna mixed with fragrant herbs is brought out in a bowl.
There are candles... sweets.
Some use it, others hold onto it ... some do henna.
Everyone dances.

So yes I was in Israel 5 years ago this week!
Rarely do I leave Raleigh in January but it was a wedding!

A wonderful, beautiful wedding!

This week's forecast for Raleigh
Cold temps and snow on the horizon!

Back to weather! Another Winter Storm is forecast to head to the Carolinas and it's neighboring states. Similar, here we go again sort of winter dance where the locals who love snow (me) pray and hope and wish and some even drop ice cubes down the toilet to make the "air" cooler (it's a kids superstition game here) and only time will tell. But, the difference is the temperatures will be way colder and it's more likely to stick around more than 6 hours before melting!

Snow in Raleigh ... 
...and then......
Could be ICE down by the coast!

Stay tuned!

Be well.
Be happy.
And if you have a chance.......

Luckily I know how to dance Bollywood style...
... I had a lot of fun at that party!

Sweet Tropical Dreams, 
or this time of year...
Sweet Snowy Dreams!! really appreciate snow you have to see it up close and personal! There's a smell in the air and it's clean, very clean when it's falling and almost pristine, magical, mystical ... it transfixes you and you are in awe or you dance around like a child seeing it for the first time. If you don't like it you can fly away to Florida to hide from it but it's something everyone should see at least once and if they like it... do it again and again. I went to school in Brooklyn, I saw snow for a few years and have seen it in many places but it Raleigh, before it melts, it's white and beautiful unlike a busy NYC street where it eventually turns gray, dirty and clumpy!  

Enjoy the was the most popular song five years ago so heard it nonstop on the trip.  And enjoy the Henna Party Music to get a feel for the adventure.

yes my daughter sang it often........ various versions in the car on the radio.
English, Spanish and a Hebrew version!

Our party was all girls and women.
Think a Batcherlor Night Party ...for the girls!
But here's an idea if you are curious!


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