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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Invest 94L & Ida Remake.. Hopefully No River Flooding... But...Serious Wind, Rains and Wild Weather NJ to NE .. Circle Off the East Coast Stronger Chances for Wanda the Fish

 Invest 94L Models.

Oh appears on the 2 day!

Healthy looking on the 5 day.
A Fish Named Wanda? Maybe.

Another pretty graphic of the off shore storm.
But check out these warnings...

Not good unless those are Halloween decorations!
NYC area below........

Meanwhile, there are water rescues going on in New Jersey currently so I'm not too confident in those measures. This is not tropical, this is a wet Noreaster, forgive the Miami girl living in Raleigh for butchering the odd spelling of that Northern storm name! 

A cyclone by any name does the same damage.
No name or a name.
Winter or Summer....
Fall Madness...

The barometric pressure is equivalent to a Tropical Storm.

Serious storm moving towards New England and New York, that formed off the Carolinas after pounding this area with rain yesterday. Fast moving storm that moves like a hurricane or a Perfect Storm remake but it's another in a pattern of looping lows off the East Coast that hook in before hooking out again. Like that stupid song "you put your right hand in you take your right hand out" (apologies if you like that song) stuck on a loop playing again as we end October, reminding everyone of Ida on September 1st storming her way through the NE before waving a final goodbye.

Remember the song "One way or another" ... because that is what happens with Mother Nature. She finds a way sometime around the Autumn Equinox or the first Full Moon to toss a tempest into the mix and try and push the seasons along. Indian Summer is moving into the rear view mirror and you better start thinking what you are going to make for Thanksgiving (Pumpkin Pie or Flan depending on where you live) because the times they be a changing.

The weather powers that be insist we will NOT have river flooding the way we did with Ida and they are putting "measures" into effect to minimize flooding and the problems we saw last month. Time will tell on that one.

Stay tuned....
...I'll update later today.

On the road today for a bit....
... but all's quiet in the Carolinas today.

Not so quiet up the road...
Take any warnings very seriously please.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter or Instagram

Ps...One way or another .. 
...Mother Nature gonna get ya!


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