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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Fall Colors, Invest in Atlantic Will Go Eastbound Eventually and Flooding, Windy Storm in the NE


Wound up beautifully there.
Storming, wild day on Cape Cod.
Yet... no name.
Yet, NHC running models....
...for the storm that hads to Portugal.

I have several friends who keep asking me "what's up with the NHC and Portugal?" and I just reply it's part of their coverage area, yet in the last few years they have become very protective of Portugal. Perhaps this next storm ?Wanda? could put out the fire in the belly of the Volcano? Just wondering what happens in such cases but Portugal is sadly not Las Palmas.

This is the change of the seasons as we move from tropical to more Northern Winter Storms that are coming in so early and strong that the 'Noreasters deliver cold, nasty squalls of rain not snow. But snow is coming eventually.  And, eventually the NHC may get around to naming this whether it goes to see the Queen or Portugal.

I'm on the road today as my husband had a business trip and I had a "get out of Raleigh" day, shopping in a real Mall (Southpark, Charlotte) and a nice road trip through areas higher than Raleigh and closer to peak in terms of fall foliage and it was really beautiful, stunning and insert any adjective you prefer to describe Autumn. Yes, I'll hold the camera the way I need on any given day :)  You can see color like that in Raleigh but not as easily .... especially with a bright sun vs heavy low clouds.

North Carolina has some of the nicest Rest Stops in the country, there's one near the Dismal Swamp that doesn't look so dismal and one built like an old tobacco barn, and the closer you get to Charlotte everything goes NASCAR... really. The one above has a babbling brook and a waterfall, nestled between Knock Out Roses still in bloom and a backdrop of Fall Colors. 

The area near High Point and Winston Salem is truly special. You don't have to drive the length of the state (long) to see varieties of trees aglow. In the sun this almost hurt your eyes. 

We do have color in Raleigh but the issue is that we have so many pine trees and mostly hardwood downtown vs out in the suburbs where I live. North Raleigh used to be farm land and hunting grounds, and when they stopped growing produce the land was left to it's own and that means Pine Trees filled in everywhere and everything, though differently from the Sandhills. The towns along the way on the way to Charlotte the way we went have a mixture of hardwoods and they all turn at a different time, so many lost leaves in the big storm the other day while others are just hitting their prime.  It's a good time for a road trip if you are into such things....   usually I head East towards our beaches, but this is October and this is as good as it gets weather wise here if you like Fall Weather. Going to show this to my husband later, he's from this neck of the woods and trust me it's really woodsy and I know that river well. I have a daughter who likes to camp near it up river somewhere.

As for the tropics I'll update when back in Raleigh and today is a day to stay safe if you live in the Northeast as high winds and weather is still in play for the rest of the day.

Have a good day, enjoy the weather you got and if not ...find some weather you love!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps... here's some real Up North Fall Colors on a wet, nasty day when the river was approaching flood level and well you can see how woodsy it is up there. You also lose phone service, one by one all the phones in the car lose service and the trees close in and the roads get narrow and it's interesting; not my cup of tea but oddly I have a daughter who loves it and riding those roads is her happy place.



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