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Monday, July 12, 2021

Quiet This Week but Late July Will Bring Tropical Trouble. Use the Quiet Time Wisely....... Hurricane Preparation for a Busy Season Like 2012

Adding a video below about

 Quiet today. Use that time wisely.

Short post today to point out that while the tropics are quiet and nothing is expected to develop over the next  5 days do NOT mistake that as some sign that suddenly we don't need to prepare for the 2021 Hurricane Season. What the Atlantic is like in early July is not what it is like in early August nor September when Hurricanes really do happen in the most violent, destructive ways. So use the quiet time wisely.

Great link to use if you like color and I do.

Check this picture out ...what it shows is a wave train.
Weak now but there and viable down the road.
Waves flare up closer to South America.
Then creep up into the Islands.
Flare up in the Bahamas or North of Cuba...
..depending on the week.
Fronts draped across the SE

That's a recipe for disaster down the road.
Even though nothing is there now screaming trouble.
An ULL off the Florida East Coast.
Like a purple ghost cane swirling....
...reminding you we have only just begun.

Do we really need a Cat 3 Hurricane...
...tracing Elsa's track?

I have a chiropractor appointment this morning so I'll update when I feel better or later which ever comes first. Maybe he can fix my attitude not just the pain that's settled into my bones. I know what a good fix is but time will tell on that one.

Made a video to explain what I wrote above.

Also when EPAC is hot the Atlantic is not.
Count 7 to 10 days til real development.
Not just a yellow circle.

Remember 2012 may be a good analog year for 2021.
Kind of tropical dyslexia.

Prepare .... use the quiet time wisely.

Here's a good video by Mark Suddath
A topic many questions on every hurricane season.

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