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Thursday, July 08, 2021

UPDATED! Noon Tropical Storm Elsa in Raleigh NC - Did Savannah, Charleston, Myrtle Beach Moving Up Towards NC. Today is a Storm Day For Me. Enjoying in Real Time

Live from Raleigh.  Yes we got Elsa.

Vern is my local choice for Severe Weather..his favorite.
Also a big fan of Wes but severe weather is Vern's thing.
Watching the every changing tornado warnings for my area.
Vern would have been good on TWC but he's staying in Raleigh
New contract hope they pay him well!

ALSO.......breaking news.

CSU Updated report released this morning.

Busier than expected.

Analog years for 2021

Here in Raleigh heavy consistent rain.
Random gusts for 5 seconds than quiet.
So random surprised me a few times.

Understand it has been nothing but rain but suddenly everything looked like a Tropical Storm or a funnel nearby, immediate random gusts then immediately quiet.  Not enough time for me to turn the camera or would have lost it. It's happened a few times we are West of the Tornado Warning but some of these cells could have minor rotation seen this in the Keys during similar weather.  From zero to ten then zero wind wise. Watching it all evolve in real time while reading Phil's updated report. More later.

* * *


Elsa doing South of the Border. SC/NC

NHC throws a yellow x zero % to Texas.

Clearly visible is Elsa's circulation center.
Center to the left.
Rain and wicked bands to the right.
This has been her signature from the beginning.
A bit dysfunctional but it seems to work for her.

I'll update the blog later today for "up the coast" impacts.
Check back later. 
Just checking in this morning.

It's not every day that the local news is live with a Tropical Storm moving across your home region so going to be offline more than not kind of savoring it because this is not Hurricane Fran nor Hazel it's a tropical storm that will rain all day, offer us some strong gusty winds perhaps and that means trees down and live wires down on the road. It's a "stay home enjoy the rain" type of day for me.

The real "take away" from Elsa is that she was a strong June Tropical Wave that developed into a Hurricane briefly and made it from Africa to where she's currently cruising up I95 towards Fayetteville... Durham usually gets the worst storms to we will see but already Raleigh has live wires down on major roads and a few trees down. Down by the coast - we call that Down East - they had tornado warnings, trees down on homes and wild beach weather so the real message here is the hurricane season of 2021 is a continuation of the very busy, messy hurricane season of 2020. A similar set up and this year the SE is at danger of multiple landfalling hurricanes. When I say SE here I mean Florida Panhandle, Florida Georgia and the Carolinas and a real chance of coastal cruisers that cruise up the Chesapeake towards Cape May and threaten Long Island and New England.  But what starts in the SE (FL GA SC NC oh and ALABAMA) will not stay there and so far these are the tracks for the storms so far. Note where they all intersect .... do you see a pattern here?

Kind of an Appalachian Trail Hurricane Season??
Inland impacts.
Florida cross overs..... 

Elsa an inland Tropical Storm.
Almost sitting over me... maybe near Pittsboro soon enough.
South of the Border currently...
...a trip I know oh so well.

So Elsa is "my storm" go figure.
The "weather" part of the blog is mostly over.
It's a blog, a journal so this is personal weather stuff.

If you want to see the Xray of her pinned hip.
Go for it.

You can follow her on @dinadeedesign.
She lives on Instagram like I'm on Twitter.

Getting dressed and going out in the storm...
...getting windy finally!!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

It's been a long week for me and many of my family and friends. My older kids grew up on Miami Beach, whereas my younger kids grew up in North Miami Beach. The older kids grew up with the Ainsworth family next door on Miami Beach for 11 years and as my older daughter told her family member at the funeral in New York "yeah pretty much  my whole childhood"   Amazingly her sister-in-law asked my daughter how we were doing and that was her response. Itty, a very friendly, warm, impulsive, organized mother who talked to everyone and became friendly with everyone and we talked a lot... you can't really imagine. So I spent two weeks waiting for good news I didn't really believe would come but a small window of hope but it was obvious they were victims of Champlain Towers where I worked in the office in 1997. It's been a long two weeks and earlier this week after the imploded the building Itty and her husband Tzvi were the first bodies removed from the disaster site.  Yesterday was the funeral. Maybe there's some closure there I don't know but it was a horrific disaster and a very personal one for me; also had other people I know die or survive but Itty was Itty. 

Then my daughter Dina who loves to camp and go to summer festivals with her friends had a random, rare accident tripping over a tent wire and after her foot got caught she tried to catch her fall with a tree trunk nearby and when reaching her hand out she missed and her hip crashed into the tree. That's the best story I've had so far and then she waited for a ranger to access her and them to call paramedics who went into the forest with 3 ATVs (yeah that part gets me each time) and they took her out on a stretcher and then to a hospital and then they airlifted her in a small helicopter (I watched the video) to Erie a good 45 minutes away for them to operate ... she's a mess but very together always in a mess. Her head is clear, she hurt her hip and associated knee and she needs to be taught "how not to walk" and use a walker for a while. Not easy and I'm in Raleigh as she was supposed to transported back to Monsey NY but because July 4th weekend and things seem to move slowly in Erie she's there longer than we thought or I'd have flown in on July 4th.

Now I'm "enjoying" heavy rain and some wind in Raleigh after a fast trip to Charlotte for a few days.

I need a rest obviously and I need to space out and enjoy every rain drop, local coverage and listen to the rain go out when it's stronger for some video and talk to my daughter on Zoom because that's what we do in 2021. 

Wind picked up a bit.


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