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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Invest 95L Rolls Off of Africa. Models Take it Westward Across the Atlantic. - Champlain Towers Condo Collapse in Surfside Very Personal For Me.


40%  chance in the 5 day
20% in the 2 day.
Invest 95L

Give it a little time.... to get it's act together.

A good tweet worth sharing.
Models show intensity.

So the story is I will be back at some point but I'm a lot shaken because I know people who are missing in the building collapse in Surfside, a suburb of Miami Beach where I grew up and lived. I also worked in the building that collapsed in the office for a while when I was much younger. My job was actually to answer the phone and say "Champlain Towers, how may I help you?" so this is kind of really personal for me and I'm a lot numb.

We worry on hurricanes when we live in waterfront condos or on Miami Beach three blocks from the ocean. We don't worry the building will fall down though we remember fires that have happened and we tell ourselves that there's always a plan and every detail has been thought of to protect and provide safety for the residence. Obviously crap happens and accidents are not planned in the way crimes are planned. 

It used to be a very beautiful place.
At the most people worried on hurricanes ...

A beautiful beach, a stunning view.

Odd building in 3 parts.
Great location.
Horrible tragedy unraveling in real time.

One of my friends, for years my neighbor and friend is missing in the building, along with her husband. No one has heard from them, it's very overwhelming trying to keep a positive thought because the building pancaked. I am  also friends with her siblings who were my neighbors and friends; no one has been able to contact them and I'm a bit in shock. Again I worked there and there were towers within each building so it was always confusing when you sent an electrician or plumber to an address as they didn't know whether to go to the  North building or the North part of the South Tower. It was a nice job, though the computer was set up in Spanish and to be honest as bilingual as I am in many ways ... computers were new and it was difficult.  But it was a job near the house and my best friend worked there before me and one of our friends who lived there got her the job and I'm really rambling. You get the idea. This is very personal for me and so I can't really say  much about this Invest other than it's forecast and has been forecast by models to go across the Atlantic and become a player down the road. 

It's possible it develops too fast and pulls too far North and if so its very dry there and conditions would be negative. If it gets further West into SAL and storms that are organized before they Islands do better unless the High breathes and allows this to gain more latitude over time.

It's just too soon to tell.

It's too soon to tell how many people died in the building collapse. 
It's too soon to know what Invest 95L will do ...

But I have been talking about it since I first saw it over Africa far from the coast it was one huge, impresive wave that possibly have Low Pressure attached.

Sorry for any typos... it took me hours to do this blog post. 
I'll update tonight on the wave. The wave has barely rolled off of Africa and is now Invest 95L I'm really upset as I'm on several chats across several platforms with people asking if anyone has seen their relative and personally I really wish someone would find Itty and her husband. 

Time will tell.
Thanks for your patience.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... note Jim Williams and I used to talk about condos built on small strips of land, by the ocean as it relates to Hurricane Season. Takes a lot to bring a big building down, looked more like an implosion than anything else. I lived near there, there is always construction of new condos next door and always work being down on rooftops of condos... they don't just "fall down"


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