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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Invest 95L Long Tracking Wave... Area Off SE Coast Pops Up. Champlain Tower Tragedy... Bodies Pulled From the Rubble. Search for Survivors or Bodies & What Really Happened?


Low chances of development for now.
But a definite pattern there..
A huge high to the North of Invest 95L

Invest 95L is running West in tandem...
..with a huge Upper Level Low.
You see this sometimes. 

Too soon to tell but it has to trace the High.

Sometimes moisture trapped in an ULL...
...can become it's own system.
It happens, one reason I watch ULLs so often.
There's also one in the Gulf of Mexico.
This is prime time for close in, home grown systems.

Purple splotches popping up everywhere.
Have you bought what you need for hurricane season?
Again now is a good time. 
That's the end of the weather part of the blog.
Mostly... I'll update Sunday on models.
Most interested now on the circle off my coast.
Long term the other one... far out in the Atlantic.

In other news.

Beautiful couple. Lived there since the early 1990s.
One month shy of their 60th wedding anniversary. 
Beautiful life, tragic death.
I understand Hurricanes not this.

Very sad news to hear that the Uncle and Godmother of Phil Ferro, a meteorologist with WSVN Channel & in the Miami area... a met I really I like, respect, admire and have been friends with online. He's awesome and the thought that he has been going through what I  and so many of my friends have been going through while waiting to hear news on loved ones missing in Champlain Towers.  Again I worked there for a short while back when... left for another job closer to home. I was friends with many people who lived there then and know people who lived there and who have not been heard from since Thursday morning. 

It's heart breaking to see my friend who is missing... to see her nieces and siblings writing for prayers and well we are quite the village it seems even though we live in different places these days. I lived on Miami Beach, Champlain Towers North, South and East were popular places to live in. Close to Bal Harbor with all it's amenities but not in the middle of things, a bit quieter with easy access to both Miami Beach and Bal Harbor and beautiful views and really a beautiful place to live, retire or just rent for a year or two. Again I worked there, I ran the office back sometime in the 1990s... I remember the desk, the computer, the phone and all the guys working there on maintenance that would come and go... the lobby, the residents I met who had condos or were looking to buy one. A good life in a good place and then something happened in the dark, early hours of Thursday morning and some of us haven't been the same since. I'm used to hearing bad news, strange events out of nowhere and as I am connected to a lot of people in the Miami Beach community I really thought I had seen it all. Nope, because who knew a building could fall down like one of the Twin Towers?

I know there's been a lot of stories on possible things that could have made it fall but in truth I think it will be a long time before we find out how various problems and events came together in some perfect, horrible storm to create this tragedy. Who really knows? Just because you read a random story by someone who swears they know does not make it true. If someone did a report in the 1980s.... why did they not move everything to get the news out? I'm sure the Miami Herald or Channel 7 would have done a story if it was from a valid source. The 2018 story is an issue but would it have brought the building down? It did not say "catastrophic damage" it mentioned repairs needed and issues with the facade, the now infamous pool,  etc. Not worth rushing to judge yet we all speculate but currently I'm trying hard not to think of what hell my friend went through.... IF she died, did death come suddenly or was she afraid some meteor hit the planet and was worrying on her children. I knew her well and I can imagine but I don't want to but still the mind goes places you don't want it to go.

So pray for the families of all the loved ones missing. Pray for the friends of all the loved ones missing.  Pray they can give the families closure and find their loved ones, pray they can evaluate what happened fast before some hurricane threatens to make landfall there and well ...that's how my mind goes.

And for those of you (u know who u are) who hate when people say "just pray" the truth is as a friend told me on Friday "praying makes some people feel as if they are doing something" so feel free to say "I wish they would find out what happened" if praying bothers you. And, if you don't want to pray or you don't really care then I suggest you prepare for the hurricane season because that is arriving Invest by Invest until we have Hurricanes not Tropical Storms and someone, somewhere is going to get a landfalling hurricane and I only hope the Major Hurricanes stay far out at sea this year. We don't need any landfalling Dorians we?

Stay tuned.
Sorry for going long on Champlain Towers... but it's weighing heavy on my head and heart but slowly getting back to myself after totally losing it Friday.

Only the sweetest tropical dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

No song. I'll post a song on Sunday ... thanks for reading along!
Sorry just still a bit in disbelief.
Can't believe I worked there in the main office. 
Every day all day "Champlain Towers, Hi. How may I help you!"
Can't believe my friend and her husband are among the missing.
Can't believe my mother's friend who taught my daughter's in high school is missing.
Can't believe Phil lost such a beautiful couple who was family to him.
The list goes on... 

I can believe it but it still doesn't make seense.
Hurricanes make sense!

A new area showed up today closer in to the SE coast.


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