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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Tropical Storm Andres Forms in the EPAC a Week Before the Official Start of their Season... Atlantic June 1st. Stay Tuned and Happy Mother's Day


Tropical Storm Andres formed in the Eastern Pacific, a week or so early before the official start of their hurricane season on May 15th. Pretty much as good as it gets as it's headed into cooler water as you can see in the image below. Chilly waters out to the West of it as seen in the clouds that look outright chilly...those speckled sort of non tropical clouds in the far left of the image. 

Honestly this is probably as good as it gets.

Will take it a day at a time, but it sure seems as if this year is a continuation of last year with the NHC and it should be a sufficiently busy year to keep us all well aware that Hurricane Season is almost upon us.

The infamous rocket booster fell to the ground somewhere between the Arabian Desert and the Maldives. 

So that's basically the basics.
I will say models show odd things.
No one is ready to jump.
Tho many have posted.
Watching off the SE coast...
.... near the Bahamas.
Again decaying fronts need to be watched.
As always SAL is the boss this time of year!

Look at that huge high!!

But for today it's Mother's Day.
So I'm gonna go enjoy that and blog tomorrow!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps enjoy this very real view of life sometimes...
... well the advice we give our daughters.
at least Down South.

Don't let people see your crazy...
...put on your make up ;)
Take a bath and relax ....


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