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Friday, May 07, 2021

Updated for Invest 90E in EPAC -Mother's Day Weekend - Fronts in Play - Watch Those Fronts as They Progress & Die Out For Tropical Possibilities. Space Junk Falling & Rockets Taking Off Putting on a Light Show


90 E is off to the races.

It's early in the season, it's got limited options and cooler water up ahead but it's the first in what should soon be a parade of 91E and 92E as the EPAC  has looked hungry so far this year. Officially the EPAC Season begins on May 15th.  Take this as a distant reminder that the Atlantic Hurricane Season isn't far behind!

That area I have been talking on for a while...

...just got upgraded to Invest 90E

Was only a matter of time.

Rudimentary attempt at a circulation is evident!

Note early low but strong tropical wave near South America.

Front falling apart across South Florida.

Fun to watch tropical waves this time of year.
They aren't turning into hurricanes.
But they are making it across the Atlantic in tact.
Hmmmmm impressive.
A+ for effort!
And a front across Florida...Cooling things off just a bit.
Close to that time of year to watch decaying fronts!

Short blog this morning just to remind you that on May 15th (next Saturday) the NHC will begin doing the Tropical Weather Outlook two weeks before the actual, official season begins on June 1st. Let's see if they have something to talk about or not. And, it's raining steady in Raleigh as another front is about to push through and amazingly there is one behind it. I said "amazingly" but it's more like "Thank God" as a child of Miami I've had all the nonstop heat I need and love having me some cool, chilly air filtering through the open windows in May. It will be hot enough here in Raleigh come July and August, let's not rush it!

An old school weather map.
Better than looping models.
Look at that last picture... 
...decaying fronts lead to tropical trouble!

Speaking of cold fronts I want you to pay attention to these grids and note how the fronts move down, then they go flat and stationary then they do all sorts of odd kinky things that can down the road help set up a situation where something weak could form along an old decaying frontal boundary over warm tropical waters and an Invest or Tropical Storm could develop. When? Can't say but with t his set up it sets up a classic set up for this numerous possibilities. Some years we have no cold fronts in May, not even April, but when you see fronts near Florida collapsing across the Gulf of Mexico and the Bahamas you have to know the possibility is there for tropical trouble eventually.

Link for that image that does update as models do but in general a picture is often worth a thousand words and loops of models that never verify and only tease on every other run. Average it all out and add in Climo and you will see what will happen in any given year...or could ... again weather is fluid and happens in real time so what else might pop up that's not shown today but may be known tomorrow?

Another good place to go for info...
Scroll down on the right on Mike's page..
Mike has a Twitter Feed that's live.
Be it meteorology or an occasional volcano...'s always got great immediate info.
Yes another volcano spewing ash...

Lastly that high is so huge now.
It's going to be a real player in early season activity.

This isn't a prediction as much as an observation with a set up such as this I'd watch the Eastern Gulf of Mexico on the West side of any dead, decaying frontal boundary or just off the Southeast coast as the high won't let fronts pass nor will it allow development so fast where it's strong. Instability in the Gulf of Mexico on it's Western edge needs to be monitored down the road and the road is so close you can almost see it come into view on our virtual horizon.

If you're into worrying on the Chinese satellite that's going to fall back to the Earth before or on Mother's Day there's a link you can watch and obsess on if that's your thing.  What are the odds? Let's hope it splashes down in the ocean.

Also if your sky lights up on the East Coast tonight don't get worry or surprised, there's a space launch that sets up some whole barium sort of effect where there may be halo in the sky... weather permitting.

Don't say I didn't warn ya...

Have a great Mother's Day Weekend... we all had a mother ... somewhere at sometime.. celebrate your Mother or your Aunt or Grandma or just the beauty of being alive and find something fun to do. Focus on the positive and hold onto it and find something big or small to make your day a happy one!

Besos BobbiStorm  @bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Link to that site above if you wanna book mark it... later in the season it's almost a lock in when you see a Tropical Storm or Hurricane is expected somewhere when it shows up in that map grid.

I do so love Carrie Underwood and this is a very real song, as kids grow up and move away. Sometimes parents grow up and move away also... and we have to let the people we love in our lives grow and often that means we are not close together physically but in 2021 we can be on Zoom or FaceTime or whatever it is and be connected in some real tangible way that's wonderful even if you can't get a hug. I have kids traveling today so I get pics or I go on Instagram to see my Influencer son do his thing and wait for my other kids to send pictures in WhatsApp and well that's how we communicate and share these days. Years ago someone married someone or went off to school and you had to wait for letters to arrive in the mail and hope for a picture if you were lucky. I was lucky as I had an Aunt I was close to who made up for things my mother the artist may have missed while she was painting or writing or studying something and a Grandma who was the best. My other Grandma was nice too but I didn't know her as well but what I remember was beautiful.  Flying away is part of life.... remembering is also part of life. Enjoy the memories but celebrate the moments always as they happen in real time!


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