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Saturday, May 08, 2021

EPAC Season - 80% Rocket Watching ... Falling Rockets and Preparing for the 2020 Hurricane Season. Where's Andres?


Late nite post.

Does it get a name?

Up listening to "where did the rocket fall?" which really is wrong as it's only part of the rocket, but it's May so I'll pretty much track anything if it's on a map. Logical it began falling over Oman as I've seen video and parts kept going until it fell somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Or maybe no one wants to really say where it fell as having it fall out of the sky in the Middle East could have been problematic. Luckily everyone is on Twitter watching, well those not watching Musk on SNL which I'm also doing but it's on mute (doesn't look funny) but my mind is on overdrive so decided to post tonight on the Epac Hurricane Season.

Regular readers here know I've been watching this area since it first began to show some concentration what seems like days ago. There's a limit in the EPAC, especially in May, where these systems can go. And eventually they run out of warm water sooner rather than later....   

Last year the EPAC started off quick then sputtered for a while before picking up again. Usually we wait in the Atlantic while the EPAC is off to the races. Their season begins on May 15th, which is actually when the NHC will begin doing Tropical Weather Outlooks for the Atlantic Hurricane Season so while the official season doesn't begin until June 1st ... it feels as if it's defacto starting this year on May 15th!

The names for this year:

Wow Andres I remember it well. Love the name Zelda. Anyway in reality the Atlantic Season begins on June 1st ...that's what I'm going with and we will talk more on what I believe we will see this season as well as some of my close friends who I've worked with over the years. 

I would love to say this will be a quiet season or even a busy season with storms curving gracefully out to sea but I can't say that. And I do think the East Goast and Florida (both coasts) will be in play this year more than some years where it's all about the Gulf of Mexico or we have Caribbean Cruisers. Time will tell. But, I will begin posting links and sharing info this week as we move closer to the start of the official start of the hurricane season.

Time will tell whether the NHC upgrades this before it passes over cooler water so as the season begins and we find out where Waldo is ... know you need to prepare sooner rather than later because you know between the Plague that's hopefully going away versus evolving and falling rockets it's going to be an unusual year so you just never know what will happen... that's my feeling. Cranky doesn't seem to be around which I know upsets Thor and me and I'm sure so many but Dabuh is here putting earworm songs into my head while seeing faces in clouds which is something some of us do... Reading through what Rob has to say from Crown Weather (more on that soon) and waiting for my friend Jim to put up his City List and then compare it with what Phil put out from CSU and honestly it's really about watching the loops in real time and checking out the models and watching the pattern as weather happens in real time, everything else is just hype and click bait!

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Til something happens I'll be watching rockets fall and watching planes land. I love this song because there was this one line I heard that got me... as in fell in love with it the moment I heard it. So enjoy... enjoy the quiet but prepare for the storm!


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